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MountainCamp Momentum

As I write this, Mother Nature has decided that winter is not over and we now have fresh snow on the ground and it is 14 degrees. This too shall pass, and we keep plugging along. But, my mind and energies are focused on this summer and MountainCamp.

The best time of year if you ask me.

I am a lifelong Girl Scout and so my years of growing up were spent at summer camp and on into my 20’s, being that fun, crazy camp counselor and finally camp director. Those lifelong memories and friendships stay with me today as those experiences, learning and growing, have made me who I am today.

Girl Scouts was so instrumental to my upbringing that about 6 years ago I chose to work for Girl Scouts and was hired by Girl Scouts in Charlotte, NC to be their Director of Outdoor Programs and Properties. I was able to relive my camp days by bringing back summer resident camp for girls. I have been a facilitator and instructor for Archery, Boating, Lifeguard, High and Low Ropes courses and trained leaders and girls in outdoor camping skills. I believe every child deserves to experience all of these things and have a greater understanding of our earth and it’s great wonders. Camp is the place to make that happen!

The Mountain is now coming off of 2 years of navigating Covid, and it is time to get back to doing what The Mountain has been so good at: teaching, inspiring and growing our youth. As your new Executive Director, I promise you, this is my top priority and am determined to make Mountain Camp a memorable and life changing experience for youth and adults alike.

I have already met with past counselors, director’s, CIT’s, Pals, and Ascenders who share my enthusiasm and know how special The Mountain is to them. We are currently interviewing staff and Mountain camp is starting to fill up.

Looking to help make MountianCamp magic this year?

We all know that the Mountain needs singing and laughing filling the air and spilling out of cabins. This summer can, and will be, magical, exciting, crazy and inspiring! I am up to the challenge and am so excited to be a part of this great organization. So, please join me in kicking off the season!

See you at camp!

- Steph Anderson

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