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Helping Wishes Come True

Our fall fundraiser is a little different this year as we have discovered that many people who want to support The Mountain do not especially want more “stuff” to buy in an auction.


This plan is a revision from the previous newsletter. 

Most information is the same, the change is that there will be no on-line auction.


What is Happening:


  • November match, with donations up to $50,000 being applied to the annual fund, special project (preferably staff housing or the dam), or the Endowment Fund, as the donor requests.


  • “Wish-List” funding.  There are many items which support guest experiences and Mountain programs, but many of these items are not included in our current budget.  This is your big chance to make wishes come true, and support The Mountain, with a tax-deductible contribution!!  


Below are “wish-list” items especially requested.  If you are not inspired by these items, please check our more extensive wish-list here. Donors may contribute full or partial cost.


As many of these items were selected for specific features, it is preferable that donors contribute to The Mountain, and the items will be ordered here.  An additional benefit – we do not pay state sales tax!  


How November Fundraising Works:


  • The match, up to $50,000, is effective until midnight Wednesday, November 30, 2022.

  • Both general and wish-list donations will be included in the $50,000 match.

  • Donor households will be entered into the raffle (described below).

  • Contributions to The Mountain are tax-deductible.

  • Paying by check minimizes service fees: (P.O Box 1299, Highlands, NC, 28741)

A Raffle in Return 

  • Everyone making a minimum $30 general or wish-list donation will be entered. 

  • Five winners will be drawn. 

  • Each winner will receive a $75 Mountain gift certificate.

  • The certificate may be applied to MountainCamps, youth or adult Farm Camp, farm dinner or tour, Mountain design program, or gift shop purchase.

  • Gift certificate is to be used by November 30, 2023.


Enjoy participating and making a difference for The Mountain!


We are off to a Good Start!  


Mountain supporters have already contributed the full price for a soil sifter, which will make for easier work for our Many Hands Peace Farm crew.  As the garden grows and becomes more productive, with your support, we can expand our program offerings and produce for you, our guests. 

Another supporter was inspired by the previous mention about bidding on toilet paper.  We were delighted to receive a message that she had shipped four cases of toilet paper to The Mountain! 


You can see Steph and Beverly on the lodge deck celebrating the arrival of this much appreciated contribution, and all of our guests will benefit from this caring and support. 




Help Us Dream Big 

Wishes for Programs 

Wishes for The Little Things

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