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UPDATED April 20, 2023

The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center remains vigilant

about offering a safe and hospitable experience for our guests.

We thank you for your trust and your partnership.

We look forward to welcoming and inspiring you during your visit.

Measures The Mountain Is Taking:

  • Employee and Volunteer Health Precautions:

    • Updates from the State Health Department and CDC are shared with The Mountain community, with information incorporated into ongoing practices.

    • It is highly recommended that staff and guests maintain current vaccinations. 

    • The Mountain has COVID rapid test kits in the event of symptoms outlined in the CDC and State standard health protocols.

    • In the case of a positive test result, the staff member or volunteer would be expected to quarantine until a negative test result is confirmed, or at least ten days after first symptoms, per CDC guidelines.

    •  Sanitization stations are available, and hands washing is encouraged upon arrival at designated work place, continuing this practice throughout the day as indicated.


  • General Precautions: 

    • Guests and staff try to maintain six-foot distance between yourself when possible.

    • In the Dining Hall, we ask that guests and staff use the sanitizer provided before going through the line.

    • We ask that staff and guests wear a mask in the Store/Registration office if social distancing become limited.

    • Wash hands frequently and/or use hand sanitation measures supplied at stations throughout The Mountain.


  • Cleaning and Hygiene Measures: 

    • Antibacterial cleaners are used in the cleaning and maintenance of guest spaces.

    • Please provide your own mask. The Mountain has a limited amount of single-use masks available.  Staff and guests are strongly encouraged to wear masks in enclosed spaces and when social distancing is not possible. During "in session" time, the use of masks is not required by The Mountain and is up to the discretion of the event leaders. 

    • The Mountain will provide dedicated hand sanitizing stations throughout campus. However, we do recommend bringing your own personal hand sanitizer with you. 


  • Final Note: We will be following recommendations of health professionals to make The Mountain experience a safe and healthy one. The Mountain Retreat & Learning Center, its employees and representatives assume no liability for personal conditions arising out of the actual or alleged transmission of a communicable disease.  

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