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Upcoming Events & Retreats

Below you will find a current list of upcoming events with links to their respective pages. Feel free to copy to send out in your congregation's newsletters. 

Intergenerational Camp

July 26 - 31

A Summer Camp experience for all ages! In this program The Mountain welcomes everyone to join in the fun of a MountainCamp experience. Adults and families come together for workshops, crafts, hiking, campfires, music and singing, storytelling, time for relaxation and reflection. Individual adults, parents, children, grandparents… all are welcome!

Summer Camp makes memories that last a lifetime.

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A More Beautiful World Week,

Formerly Sustainability

& Climate Justice Conference 

August 2- 7 


Our hearts know it, because we have seen it, experienced glimpses of what life and the world could be. Yet as individuals and a society, we carry habits and programs of the old and dying “Story of Separation.” We cannot easily know how to get from here to there. During this week-long retreat we will examine and release the old story, while together writing the new story; one of Interbeing. Using Charles Eisenstein’s book The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible as a guidepost, we will move through dissolving and distilling the issues of climate change, politics, healthcare, economics, isolation, dissatisfaction, lack of purpose… and recognizing all of these as symptoms of being caught in the old story. 

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Visual Arts Week

August 20 - 26

Join fellow visual artists for our first annual gathering to retreat and explore.Enjoy workshops and time-on-your-own to create in the splendor of the temperate rainforest by waterfalls, grand vistas and deep woods.

A portion of the proceeds support The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center.


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Road Scholar -

From Farm & Forest to Fork

September 27 - Oct 2

Harvest food from farm and forest, learn gardening techniques you can apply anywhere, and even make some salve to take home with you!

Join local experts in experiencing all things native: you’ll learn plant identification, engage in hands-on application of natural gardening practices, help remove invasive plant species and even harvest some of the foods that you will eat during the program.  

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UU Fellowship of Athens

Biennial Retreat

October 2 - 4

Gather with us at The Mountain for fun, fellowship, and connecting opportunities. 

Enjoy a variety of workshops, hikes for all ages, worship and sharing food together 

while relaxing in the beauty and serenity of Little Scaly Mountain. Come share a 

memorable weekend with your UUFA family.

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October 4 - 9

Why Attend SUUFI 2020…?

Personal growth from compelling program elements.

Enjoy the Autumn cool and color at 4200’ above sea level. Fantastic (40 mile) vista of mountains and National Forests.

Hiking and excursions. Really good food—vegan, vegetarian, and traditional. Renewed relationships and community. No traffic, a break from “e-obsession”, no hassle.

Feeling of “soaring”—you're at peace, at “home”!

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UU Asheville

Mountain Gathering

October 9 - 11

Join our UU AVL Community for a getaway to The Mountain. Less than 2 hours drive from Asheville, The Mountain provides the ideal landscape for community connection, play, appreciation of nature's beauty and respite from everyday stresses. This all ages retreat offers a multitude of actives or come to rest with friends. Worship takes place on Sunday morning. 

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UU Womenspirit Fall

Oct 14 - 18, 2020

We are an all-women organization that was formed out of Unitarian Universalist traditions with an emphasis on exploring and celebrating the Feminine Divine in her many forms. 

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Road Scholar - Switchbacks and Summits

Oct 18 - 23

In the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, wildflowers line rugged trails and switchbacks guide determined hikers to awe-inspiring summits to look out upon sparkling mountain lakes and green pastures. With a band of like-minded hikers & an expert naturalist, learn about wildflowers, trees, plants and rock formations. Discover the charming hidden-gem town of Highlands, and top off an incredible week of hiking with a farm-to-table feast and Appalachian music.  

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Events to be on the look out for! 

Below you will find a flyer of year round UU centered programing offered at The Mountain.

We'd encourage your congregation to download the flyer for distribution and display.

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