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Volunteer Opportunities

Needing a change of scenery?  Wanting to mobilize your body and do good for others? Looking to cultivate some good karma?

If the answer to these questions is YES, then consider arranging a volunteer stay at The Mountain!

Volunteering at The Mountain is a wonderful, budget friendly way to enjoy this special place! Here is how it works….spend half your day in volunteer service and the other half relaxing, exploring, retreating. Your talents, skills, and interests are matched with a variety of tasks and projects we need done onsite, both the retreat center at the top and the farm at the base. Come for one day or consider  longer term service. We provide housing, meals and magnificent scenery to our volunteers.

We accept volunteers of all kinds – folks in transition, retirees, young adults taking a gap year or needing service hours, adventurers with spunk…

We have an application and screening process to find the best match of volunteers and tasks.

Our Mountain community is powered by the generosity and energy of our supporters, especially our amazing and talented volunteers. Volunteer services save money, fortify staff efforts, and the benefits are substantial, with over 4,000 volunteer hours donated each year!

Working side-by-side with Staff, you can contribute in significant ways to the spirit and benefits of our Mountain by becoming a volunteer.


Applicants must be 18 or older.

All selected volunteers must pass a background check. This background check is necessary as volunteers will be working directly with youth and adult Mountain Retreat and Learning Center guests.


See you on The Mountain!



Responsible for general repair and upkeep of facilities and equipment including groundskeeping, light carpentry and plumbing, painting and trash/recycling collection


Guest Services

Responsible for housekeeping- guest living spaces, meeting space set-up, etc.



Responsible for assisting in the preparation of nutritious meals; including dining set up and clean up duties (food service experience helpful, but not necessary)



Responsible for greeting guests, room set-ups, community social time management, general logistical support and after-hours duties as appropriate and applicable (may involve kitchen and housekeeping duties, as well), driving Mountain vehicles for guest transport and shuttles



Responsible for assisting in all aspects of farm and garden management



Responsible for overseeing group needs during a Mountain Program

"Even after an absence of a few years, I recently returned to the welcoming arms of old friends, new staff and a sense that I have one again come home. That feeling,  that comfort, that joy, that belief in the innate goodness of The Mountain and what it stands for is why I volunteer... and why I drive from Ohio to do so!”


“This is my fifteenth year of volunteering at The Mountain, usually about two to four months per year, long enough to enjoy watching first-time guests react to ‘the magic of The Mountain’ and become returnees, watching children grow into young adults carrying on our values, and of course watching The Mountain itself grow and evolve, and feeling the satisfaction of participation in that growth, making a contribution to help the magic continue into the future."


"On my arrival I was struck, as is everyone, by the physical beauty of the place. The natural setting is gorgeous, ever changing, and provides serenity. More than that was the feeling that every single one of the people working here cares about every person who comes here–whether as part of a group or as an individual."

- Bob 


Long term volunteers work five, six hour days a week, but earn seven days room and board, so have two days off to explore the area.  You don’t have to volunteer for that long, however — you can come work for just a few days and still be thanked with meals and a bed during your stay, and know that you too are helping ensure that The Mountain endures.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts to the top of The Mountain!

In 2021 we had over 150 volunteers 
contribute 5,890 hours to The Mountain. Thank you for your support! 

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