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Dining at The Mountain we want to feed both your spirit and your body.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

― Hippocrates


Meal planning and food sources honor our commitment to sustainability. Our menu includes regionally grown produce, and seasonally we use produce from our own Many Hands Peace Farm. Our farm provides us with tomatoes, beans, lettuce, kale, potatoes, chard, microgreens and edible flowers. Our happy, free- range chickens and ducks are producing farm eggs daily, featured on our salad bar, in our morning eggs and baked goods.


Though we supplement our produce, eggs and animal products to meet our guests’ needs, we aim use local and humane purveyors where possible. A current ambition is to commit to using only cage-free eggs. With your help, we can make this switch.

Continuing the sustainability cycle, all food scraps are collecting and composted on our farm to provide natural soil enrichment for our produce.

The Mountain has recently started observing Meatless Monday to further decrease our carbon footprint and expose guests to alternative protein sources. These meals are well balanced, using minimal soy protein. As we want to accommodate our groups’ needs, we are able to make exceptions and provide meat at meals. Please communicate with our Guest Services team.

Dietary Needs

Our passion for environmental stewardship is no less than our respect for the diversity of our guests’ dietary needs. Our standard breakfast menu includes options such as morning eggs and sausage as well as veggie patties and tofu scramble, fresh fruit, dry cereal, grits and oatmeal. Our salad bar is well stocked for lunch and dinner. Evening meals include meat and vegetarian main entrées and a selection of vegetables and whole grains or root vegetables.


We are always ready to work with group coordinators or individuals to plan a suitable menu. Upon prior request, we will provide vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free meals. Please coordinate with our Guest Services team when planning your visit to The Mountain.