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Indoor Meeting Spaces


The Tree House

  • Stand-alone building

  • Seating capacity: 100

  • Area: 1,425 sqft (57′ x 25′)

  • Area of stage: 21’ x 11’6”

  • High ceiling, wooden beams

  • Hardwood floor

  • Sound system

  • Large screen TV/DVD/VCR

  • Upright Piano

  • Great space for large meetings and performances

  • Accommodations are accessible


The Commons

  • Adjacent to the Dining Hall

  • Attached deck

  • Seating capacity: 40

  • Area: 864 sqft (27′ x 32′)

  • Hardwood floor

  • Pull down projection screen


  • Upright piano

  • Great space for workshop, meetings and social gatherings

  • Accommodations are accessible



  • In The Lodge

  • Seating capacity: 8 – 16

  • Area: 609 sqft (21′ x 29′)

  • Equipped with tables and chairs

  • Lined with bookshelves full of books
    Ideal for quiet work groups, private quiet time

  • Accommodations are not accessible


The Great Room

  • In The Lodge

  • Seating capacity: 60

  • Area: 1,200 sqft (40’ x 30’)

  • Vaulted ceiling, fireplace, large windows

  • Direct access to The Lodge deck

  • Grand Piano

  • Pull down projection screen

  • Great space for large meetings, social gatherings, worship services, visual arts presentations

  • Accommodations are accessible with two accessible bathrooms in the lobby

Rec Hall Original.JPG

The Rec Hall

  • Ground level of the Tree House

  • Three connected spaces:  Rec Hall, Light Room, Outside Deck

  • Area (Rec Hall): 1,425 sqft (57′ x 25′)

  • Great space for workshops, classes, informal gatherings, arts and crafts activities

  • Foosball and ping pong tables

  • Fireplace with couches and over-sized chairs

  • The Light Room is adjacent with craft supplies, outside deck just off the Light Room

  • Adjacent to the Fire Ring meeting space

  • Accommodations are accessible


White Oak

  • Stand-alone building

  • Seating capacity: 15

  • Area: 232.5 sqft (15′ x 15′ 6″)

  • Equipped with table and chairs, white board

  • Public access computer

  • Ideal for break-out groups

  • Accommodations are accessible


Cliff Haven

  • Near the Main office

  • Seating capacity: 10-15

  • Vaulted ceiling, fireplace, large windows

  • Direct access to two private decks

  • Library space

  • Tv

  • Great space for small meetings, social gatherings, worship services, visual arts presentations


Dining Hall

  • Stand-alone building

  • Seating capacity: 100+

  • Area: 32′ x 42′

  • Pre-configured with table and chairs

  • Full access to microwave, toaster, juice and coffee/tea machines

  • Excellent location for specialty meals and large meetings

  • Configured with microphone and speaker system

  • Access to The Commons

  • Accommodations are accessible



  • Stand-alone building

  • Seating capacity: 12

  • Area: 192 sqft (16′ x 12′)

  • Hardwood floor and ceiling – cozy, warm feel

  • Designed as a quiet contemplative location for meditation and reflection

  • Stocked with candles, podium and chairs

  • Accommodations are accessible

Outdoor Meeting Spaces



  • Largest outdoor meeting area – seating capacity of 75 – 100 on wooden benches

  • Includes central fire ring in the Amphitheater pit

  • Accommodations are not accessible


The Field

  • At the base of The Mountain – largest open space on The Mountain

  • Ideal for large groups activities – adjacent to a large parking lot, offering easy access to equipment for group activities

  • Accommodations are accessible



  • At the base of The Mountain

  • A quiet spiritual place in a wooded environment

  • Prefect location for reflection, mediation or prayerful thought

  • Available to our guests and retreat organizers


Fire Ring

  • Adjacent to the Tree House – comfortable seating for 50 – 75 on wooden benches

  • Great spot for opening or closing campfires

  • Accommodations are not accessible


Crafts Barn

  • Adjacent to The Field

  • Houses equipment for arts and crafts, field games, and sports

  • Covered seating area with view of The Field

  • Equipped with a pottery studio 


Low Ropes

  • At the base of The Mountain

  • Mountain Staff-led activities for group development, individual and group challenges, life skills training…and fun!

Med Rock verticle.jpg

Meditation Rock

  • Adjacent to The Mountain Office – two benches overlooking the Blue Valley and the Nantahala Forest

  • Ideal for small group meditation or personal reflection

  • Accommodations are not accessible


The Lake

  • At the base of The Mountain

  • Used primarily by our MountainCamp Program, open to all our guests

  • Canoes, kayaks, paddles and life vests

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