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For Generations to Come

The Mountain means the world to the Watterson family. In its first year or two Joe, Joan and a very young Jonathan and Benjie were introduced to the rustic, natural beauty of Little Scaly Mountain when the Columbia, SC UU Fellowship came up for a weekend. We stayed in the chilly, unwinterized cabins. At that time all SE Conference UU congregations were encouraged to come for work weekends. Everyone pitched in to get the camp and conference center up and running for year round use.Those adults proficient in construction encouraged everyone to bring their own tools and supervised them to hammer, saw, screw, sweep, tote and do all the things to make a comfortable home at The Mountain. These work weekends have continued over the years, as there is much maintenance needed to keep the buildings and grounds functional. They are now overseen by the multi-talented staff employed at The Mountain.

When he was old enough Jonathan started attending summer camp, led by Pam Phelps, followed later by her daughter, Renee Kline. Benjie followed four years later. Both of the boys went through all of the camps every summer. Each of them became camp counselors and made life-long friends over those years.

While Joan and the renamed UU Congregation of Columbia continued their annual Mountain weekend retreat Joe, Jonathan and Benjie pursued other interests.

Jonathan met and fell in love with a young woman when they were both living in Asheville, NC. While they were getting to know each other they discovered their mutual love of The Mountain. It seems that Lauren had, for many years, participated in Womenspirit, bringing her artistic talent to the week. When they decided to marry it was obvious what the venue would be. So, on February 17, 2019 the whole family and friends from all over gathered on The Mountain for a joyous, albeit rainy, weekend of celebration as Lauren Patton Word Watterson and Jonathan Lawless Word Watterson were married.

Fast forward to July 2021 Intergenerational Camp, three extended generations of the Watterson family enjoyed a week of fun and memories together as Jonathan and Benjie reunited with old camp buddies. Benjie brought his 7-year-old, Percy, who plans to start coming to camp next summer. Joe and the mothers of the bride and groom, Joan Watterson and Charlotte Patton, came for reuniting, having fun and some R&R.

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