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Submit a Retreat Inquiry with your preferred dates, and estimated size of group, to inform us of your interest in The Mountain for your retreat. Our Group Sales or Guest Services staff will follow up with you to discuss available options.

Come to The Mountain

Ready to Visit? 

The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center is perched on a 4,200 foot high granite cliff on the Eastern Continental Divide in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains located in southwest NC four miles from the resort town of Highlands. We are a year-round retreat and learning center serving businesses, non-profits, schools, churches and other groups.

The quiet remote location, year round temperate weather, stunning vistas, proximity to pristine national forest, and the clear night sky, lends The Mountain an atmosphere with the quality of unmatched clearness and levity. 


The Mountain is an idyllic place for planning that next conference, church retreat, yoga class, music fest, learning workshop, nature study, hiking trek, wellness event, leadership training, performance arts class, or board meeting. 

The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center, Inc. founded in 1979 is based on the Unitarian Universalist faith tradition and principles, grounded in the teachings of the world’s great religions, with an unbounded spirituality, drawing from scripture and science, nature and philosophy, personal experience and ancient traditions.

Our doors are open to anyone regardless of religious background, gender, ethnicity, age, ability, sexual orientation or gender expression.