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Youth Con

A Youth CONference is a gathering of Unitarian Universalist youth and advisors from congregations all over the southeast (and sometimes beyond!) for a weekend program filled with a variety of workshops, activities, good food, a safe environment and warm, cozy cabins. Youth participate in all the activities, share with new friends in small get-to-know-you groups, bond during free time, contribute to times of fun and reflection and grow spiritually through worship.

Children and youth participating in Youth CONferences attend as a part of a congregational sponsored group. Volunteering adult advisors, volunteering Peer Advocate Leaders (PALs), and Mountain Staff work together to supervise the youth.

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Peer Advocate Leaders

What is the job of a PAL?

Peer Advocate Mentors (PALs) are leaders at Youth CONs. The position includes co-leading a focus group of 8-10 participants throughout the weekend, co-leading a workshop on Saturday, and assisting with other CON events, such as Orientation, Morning Circle, Field Time, Coffee House, and the Dance.


There are mentorship opportunities for returning PALs, as well as leadership roles within each CON available. PALs must be at least 16 years of age at the time of the CON, and are expected to attend the PAL Training/CON Planning weekend. 


Youth CON Dates: 

Fall PAL
Planning Weekend 
October 20-22, 2023