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Youth Con

What are Mountain CONs?

A Youth CONference is a weekend gathering of Unitarian Universalist youth, Peer Advocate Leaders (PALs), and advisors from congregations all over the southeast (and sometimes beyond!). We build community together. Small groups and CONwide activities provide opportunities for fun, connection, reflection, and spiritual growth. Activities include workshops, a dance, and a Coffee House where youth can showcase their talents. Participants stay in our cozy cabins and eat together in our Dining Hall, which prepares delicious meals suited to each individuals’ dietary needs. CONs are planned by youth for youth, providing opportunities for youth leadership and empowerment.

Youth participating in Mountain CONs attend as a part of a congregational sponsored group. Volunteering adult advisors, volunteering Peer Advocate Leaders (PALs), and Mountain Staff work together to supervise the youth

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Peer Advocate Leaders

What are PALs?

Peer Advocate Leaders (PALs) work closely with the Youth Program Manager to plan and implement Youth CONs. The position includes co-leading a focus group of 8-10 participants throughout the weekend, co-leading a workshop on Saturday, and assisting with other CON events, such as Orientation, Morning Circle, Field Time, Coffee House, and the Dance. We are seeking PALs ages 14-18 and PAL Mentors ages 18+.


Youth CON Dates: 


Spring PAL
Planning Weekend
Jan 19-21, 2024

Spring Intermediate CON.webp

Spring Elementary 
Youth CON
3rd - 5th grade

Spring Elem CON.webp

Spring Intermediate CON
6th - 8th grade

Spring Senior High CON
9th - 12th grade

What Should I Know Before Coming?

Advisor Participation Form – Required

In compliance with our Youth Protection Policy, a congregational staff member must complete an advisor participation form for the advisors to attend our Youth CONs.

  • Download the Advisor Participation Form (PDF)

  • Print the form

  • Complete all the information

  • Submit to The Mountain via email at before joining us at the Youth CONs.

Youth Protection Policy

The Mountain recognizes the importance of fostering and creating communities where everyone, especially our most vulnerable populations such as children and youth, are protected.

We seek to preserve that spirit of welcome, respect, and trust in balance with our concern for the safety of our children, applying the test of “reasonable precaution” to any policies or guidelines we adopt. We further acknowledge that institutions operating in the best possible manner with all due concern still cannot guarantee an absolutely risk-free setting.

In this spirit, we adopt this policy statement and apply it to all events conducted under the purview of The Mountain.

Read The Mountain’s Youth Protection Policy

The PAL program is a leadership experience for youth and young adults to gain experience in program planning, implementation and leadership.

Applications must be filled out completely and PALs will initially be added to a “waiting list” in which the Program Director and CON Leadership will choose PALs based on their application and need based on the CON registration numbers. PALs should apply early and will be notified of acceptance no later than 3 weeks prior to their chosen CON.

PALs pay no fee to attend a CON but must follow certain expectations while volunteering their time during the CON.

Become a Pal

The Mountain’s Youth Protection Policy requires a background check for anyone age 18 and over working with youth. Each PAL Mentor MUST go through a background check to participate in Youth CONs. See the steps below.

  • Download the Authorization for Consumer Report (PDF)

  • Print the form

  • Complete all the information

  • Sign

  • Send to Program Director via Mail or Fax

  • Learn what is involved with participating as an advisor 

Peer Advocate Leaders ages 14-18 and Mentors ages 18- up

You’re the ones that make participation in the CONs possible! This link contains important information regarding The Mountain’s Youth CONferences and your role in the success of the weekend.

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