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 Wish List

Youth Programs


Farm Items in New or Good Used Condition (or gift certificates):

Price points vary greatly depending on brand and amount of product!

Housekeeping Department: 

  • Microwaves

  • Coffee Pots

  • Mini Refrigerators 

  • New bedding for Lodge Rooms (contribute toward 24 matching sets ordered in quantities by our Housekeeping Staff–approximately $80/set)

  • Dehumidifiers for Cabin Rooms ($200)

  • Commercial Steam Mop  ($300-$400)

Facilities & Maintenance Items in New or Good Used Condition:

  • Lanterns

  • Two refrigerators with working ice maker

  • Generators

  • Portable propane or kerosene heaters

  • Mulcher

  • Extend the decking at the Crafts Barn all the way across the front. 

  • Sand for volleyball court 

  • Deck sealing for all of the freshly power washed decking. 

Guest Accommodation Items in New or Good Used Condition:

  • Lamps (table and floor lamps)

  • Chairs for cabins

  • Side tables for sleeping and community rooms

Technology & Internet: (contact us for the specifications needed)

  • WiFi Access Point Replacement / Hardware

Many of our existing WiFi Access Points are no longer supported by the manufacturer. The support stopped in 2021.

Ubiquiti Unifi 6 Pro Access Point $150 each x Qty 12 = $1800

  • WiFi to Cabins 7 to 20 / Hardware

We successfully tested a WiFi Mesh from the Lodge to Cabins 1 - 4 this year. Wireless networking can be affected by trees, metal roofs fluorescent lights and building construction. I believe we can get the Ring Road done with 7 WiFi Mesh devices. We will also need antenna mounts, masts and surge suppressors. We may also need some indoor electrical outlets installed to power the Mesh devices.

Ubiquiti Unifi 6 Mesh $180 x Qty 7 = $1260

Stand-off brackets  $50 x Qty 7 = $350

Antenna Mast $20 x Qty 7 = $140

Ethernet Surge Suppressor $13 x Qty 7 = $91

  • Wireless Bridge from Tower to Dining Hall / Hardware

In order to keep the Tower online when the Ascender Building is removed, we need to connect it to the Dining Hall.

Building to building Bridge $500

Stand-off brackets  $50 x Qty 27 = $100

Antenna Mast $20 x Qty 2 = $40

Ubiquiti Surge Protector $13 x Qty 2 = $26

  • Webcam with POE Switch

  • Weather Station / Hardware- $40 deposited towards a camera to stream a view of the smokies by Jack. Help reach this goal. 

Davis Industries weather station $725

Stand-off brackets  $50

Antenna Mast $20  


  • Kenwood TK-3202L Radios / Hardware

Keep searching for used TK-3202L VHF radios Qty 8 x $40 = $320

Replacement antennas, batteries and chargers $150

  • Cliff Haven Deck connection to Cliff Haven Closet / Internet

Conduit and fittings $100

Fiber Optic connectors $4 x Qty 12 = $48

Battery Backup $150

  • Inbound / Outbound VOIP / Phone

Start using VOIP for inbound calling. When we have this working, we can drop one of the Frontier voice lines at $90 per month.

$20 per month


  • VLAN Implementation / Hardware

HP ProCurve Switch w/ SFP Fiber Modules 7 x $100 = $700


  • Fiber Broadband / Internet

Balsam West 300/300 mbps $152 per month


  • Wireless Bridge Craftbarn to Farm and Well House / Hardware

Ubiquiti UISP LTU Rocket $400

Ubiquiti UISP 10db Antenna $125

Ubiquiti UISP LTV Pro Qty 2 x $180

Ubiquiti Surge Protector Qty 6 x 13 = $78

  • Replace Ethernet cabling in Cliff Haven / Supplies

New spool of 500 ft Cat6 Ethernet cable $150

Keystone Jacks and Faceplates Qty 12 x $5 = $60


  • Windows 11 Computers / Hardware

5 new computers (Robin, Rin, Julia, Steph, Program Director) @ $750 = $3750


  • Asterisk (Phone System) Support / Outside Services

Professional Asterisk consulting $50 per hour x 8 = $400



  • Supplies

Replacement APC Batteries $75 per month

Replace SU750 with SUA750 Backup Qty 2 @ $125

Replacement Monitors 2 @ $120

KB, Mice, cables $120


  • Renewals / Software

Sophos Renewal TBD

Bitdefender $120

Domains $160

MSP $5 per computer per month

  • LARGE flat screen smart tv that can be affixed to the wall in the Great Room.

  • Desktop Computers –four have been generously donated!

  • Hardware upgrades for the Firewall and Phone system server

  • New fiber connection to the Tower and Stables

Vehicles Needed for Camper and Guest Transportation in New or Good Used Condition:

  • Van for Transportation of Campers and Guests


  • Heat lamps for hot bar (this one is my number one)

  • Stove range w/gas ovens (Not Convection)

  • Replacement toilet paper holders for dining hall bathrooms

  • Steam exhaust attachment for dishwasher 

Mountain Facility Improvement Projects

Inspired by the generosity of UU Columbia who have adopted cabin 12, our Adopt a Cabin Program offers individuals or groups to sponsor the remodel and upkeep of a cabin of their choosing. We greatly appreciate donations like those of UU Columbia and welcome the possibility for facility and infrastructure improvements with your contributions of energy and time:

Bunk House and Cabin enhancements, including new floors, moisture barriers, mattresses, dehumidifiers, and other updates Estimated cost per unit: $1,000 – $1,500


Mountain Camperships

Every year we make a financial commitment to our children through campership support which enables them to experience summer camp at The Mountain. In 2017, over $23,000 was raised for camperships which made MountainCamp participation possible for 45 children and youth who may not otherwise have that opportunity without financial support. We are grateful to our local Mountain Findings Thrift Store in Highlands for their annual contribution to our campership fund. This local support enables us to provide camperships for at least two local children participate in MountainCamp.

Donate Today


Camperships Make For Happy Campers

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