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Mountain Endowment Fund

The purpose of The Mountain Endowment Fund is to support the long-term stability of The Mountain, as well as enhancement of the Mountain’s mission, programs and activities.

The Mountain’s Mission:

The Mountain enriches lives,

fosters an appreciation of the natural world,

honors the interconnectedness of all things, and

inspires people to build inclusive, meaningful, sustainable communities throughout their lives.

We encourage you to be part of making a difference by supporting the mission of The Mountain—making a difference in many lives for generations to come.

“Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” -St. Francis of Assisi

What is The Mountain Endowment Fund? 

  • Contributions to our Endowment Fund ensure the sustainability and viability of the ongoing work of The Mountain. Support to The Mountain Endowment means renewing the well-being of The Mountain for many years and generations to come.

  • Established in 1996 as a charitable organization, the endowment is both a 501(c)(3) organization and a 509 (a)(3) supporting organization, tax identification #56-2190319.        

  • The endowment program operates independently of The Mountain’s governance, while collaborating with Mountain Staff and Board in the work of our common goals.

  • Your financial support is invested for growth, providing a perpetual source of income. The Mountain Endowment Fund is invested in the Unitarian Universalist Common Endowment Fund (UUCEF), which is a member of the Principles of Responsible Investing (PRI) organization.

  • The Endowment Fund has grown to nearly $390,000 (June 2020)

How Are Endowment Distributions Determined?

The Endowment Program focus is on growing the endowment for long-term Mountain stability.

Reflecting the Endowment goals, as well as IRS requirements, the Endowment Program makes an annual distribution in support of a project for The Mountain.  This project is decided upon through collaboration among the Mountain Staff, Mountain Board and The Endowment Board.

What Does The Mountain Endowment Support?

Keeping with the goal of supporting The Mountain mission, programs, and activities, as well as stability, our recent annual projects are related to enhancing guest comfort and overall experience at The Mountain. We are working with Mountain staff to fund a renewable energy project supporting Mountain values as well as the Strategic Plan. 

Getting Involved

  • Include The Mountain in your estate planning.

  • Make a gift of cash, stocks, mutual funds, securities, or real estate.

  • As a charitable donation, gifts to The Mountain Endowment Fund may reduce tax obligations.

  • Encourage others who love The Mountain to consider a donation or bequest to the Endowment Fund.

  • Donate to The Mountain Endowment Fund via the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Umbrella Giving Program.

Contact Us


Mail: The Mountain Endowment Fund, Box 1299, Highlands, NC 28741-1299

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