Farm Workshops & Events

Come join us on The Mountain's Farm. Events happen monthly on Sundays. Learn more about wild edibles, growing your own mushrooms, or feast on some of our forest and farm favorite foods. 

  • The price of these events are as follows: $30 for workshops, $45 for cooking class or tastings (private option for small version of farm dinner), and $60 for Forest to Table Dinner ($45 if you just want to eat the meal)

  • Our events this year will be sliding scale meaning pay what you can. You could pay less if that's all you can afford or more if you want to pay it forward. 

  • We will be open to having more private events both on and off property and will update folks as those inquiries come in

  • We are also willing to do other workshops if there is demand such as Intro to Herbalism and How to Grow Mushrooms

  • Suggested Age - We do our very best to make these events captivating and accommodating to all age levels and experience. We will cater the event to the audience as much as possible, so please let us know ahead of time if you think the age of someone you're bringing is important for us to be aware of. 

No upcoming events at the moment

The Mountain's Grateful Gathering

Nov 24-28