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Keepers of the Flame

Who are the Keepers of the Flame for The Mountain?

As the winds of change and circumstance blow, and the rains of challenge pound us, and the shrieks of uncertainty wail from time to time, there is the Flame that warms our souls, that sustains and nurtures us through this storm. Truly, as it has done so for other storms in The Mountain’s 42 year history, be they little, or existential.

Sometimes we may feel as though lashed to the mast of a once-upon-a-time schooner while the storm rages and tosses us about. When will it end? Then, we remember the flame. Wonder if it is still burning, still keeping us on course. And it is. Because of the Keepers.

Luckily there are actually many Keepers of the Flame. And yes, you guessed it. These Keepers are so many of us, all taking turns checking on the flame, keeping it safe, nurturing it through the roughest times. Our staff, our board, our many incredible volunteers, our guests, our long time donors as well as the very newest. As the days go by and various elements of the 'storm' still rage around us, I find myself taking stock, thinking in dialectic terms. Strength. Vulnerability. Which is it? Why it's both, of course! It seems the mainstay is the collective love, appreciation, meaning, ideas, hard work, and GENEROSITY of time, talent and treasure that is a true force of nature keeping this Flame for The Mountain burning brightly with a beautiful glow. It helps us face adversity and get through it, all the while, with an eye for constant improvement in our processes and keeping our members, friends and guests engaged and hopeful for our future together. Thinking these thoughts and writing them down, gives me such a feeling of hope for The Mountain’s capacity to survive and thrive and find increasing ways to fulfill our mission. It also has me feeling profound gratitude for what The Mountain has come to mean to me personally, and for what it may mean for you. Words cannot express the sincere appreciation that I feel for those who make The Mountain what it has been, is presently, and what it can become. Thank You!

If you are considering additional support for The Mountain as this year winds down, there are many ways to do so. As a practical matter, if you find yourself shopping online via Amazon, please go to and put in the name of a charity to receive a tiny part of the purchase price of your items. We would love it to be The Mountain, but any charity is better than having it go into Jeff Bezos' already full pockets! Once you select the charity, it remembers and you don't have to repeat that step. You do have to be careful that the URL always has in it because if it somehow reverts to just, nothing goes to the charity selected. One can consider a legacy gift for The Mountain or becoming a monthly donor (Mountain Manifester.) We encourage you to contact Development for more information. If you work for a large company, perhaps they offer matching grants that may extend to The Mountain as well. Another great way to show your support is to donate for annual membership at The Mountain (or renew your membership.) Just click on GIVING on the home page, upper right, at the website. Then click on Membership. While our income stream has been drastically affected because of the COVID-19 pandemic, all of these actions as well as your participation in coming to The Mountain for a program (there are a few!) or for a personal retreat and/or volunteer experience all are a significant boost for The Mountain. You are warmly invited to strengthen The Mountain at this time in ways that feel good to you!

Thank you so very much for what you have done and continue to do as a fellow Keeper of the Flame for The Mountain's wellbeing. Please know the feelings we experience as recipients when your gifts are received, along with your notes, cards, phone calls and more, are truly moving and inspirational to us working and volunteering at The Mountain. Thank you for all these expressions of love and generosity!

Wishing you and your family a safe and meaningful Thanksgiving Holiday this year and hoping there is much you can be grateful for!

With a big, warm Mountain e-hug,

Bonnie Gramlich

Development Team. 828.342.0546 or

PS. If you haven't yet done so, consider checking out the Silent Auction for The Mountain which is ongoing now online and will conclude Friday, November 27th at 800PM.

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