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Shop Local, Support Local

Help Support The Mountain through our 42nd Thanksgiving Silent Auction! 


We invite you to be a part of our community as we come together in various ways to celebrate so much of what is good in our lives and with The Mountain Retreat & Learning Center for the 42nd year!  


This year the auction is online and open to the public! The Mountain has partnered with the finest establishments in downtown Highlands to bring you some of the most exquisite items ever to be featured. All proceeds will support The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center to help further its work in the MountainCamp experience and building an exemplary retreat and learning center.

Be sure to create an account on our partner auction site before placing your bids. 

A Positive Spin on Black Friday Shopping.

Register below to participate in a live Zoom cast 7:00pm EST on the final night of the Auction. We will be showcasing the items up for auction.

Place your last minute bids before the closing!  

Auction Ends on November 27th, 8:00pm EST 

Spring Honeybee Workshop 5/11/24
Spring Honeybee Workshop 5/11/24
May 11, 2024, 10:00 AM
The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center
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