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Prayer for The Mountain

May we grow in respect, stronger together.

As wise as the mountains.  

As harmonious as a living white oak grove.

May we protect the balance of the forest, in wholeness. 

May all beings find shelter and connection to thrive within

this ecosystem. 

May we tend to those still growing for the future, as they

will grow beyond us.

May we bend with forgiveness and grace in the

storms that pass, practicing good will. 

May we dwell close to our Mountain, our roots nourished

by the water of its foundations and principals. 

May we hollow ourselves for the sake of growth beyond

our center. 

May we offer shade with our deeds, and a cool breeze with

our words to those seeking respite.

May we honor and tend the springs we draw from, yet did

not dig, and sing praises for the rain that fills them. May we

honor these gifts of life in service of life. 

Always remembering that fruits are the true virtue…

These words are but the sound of bees that may pollinate


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