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Farewell and Very Best Wishes to Two Staff Members

Bonnie Gramlich has worked at The Mountain twice among her career choices. Over the last two+ years, she provided extensive support for development work and general support of our guests. Bonnie retired from The Mountain in February just in time to get to know her long-absent grandchildren. However, as a dedicated part of The Mountain community, Bonnie will be volunteering a few hours a week in the office and with donor support. We look forward to including Bonnie in our friendly and helpful office team.

"Living close to The Mountain and being able to come up some to lend a hand is a privilege and a delight! I love being able to stay connected with this beloved community, and look forward to seeing The Mountain continue to energize, educate and enchant!"

Rachel Kinback came to The Mountain as a Farm Apprentice, Rachel worked for six years as Guest Services Manager, and as an event coordinator. Rachel consistently gave and pitched in as help was needed in other departments.

For the next chapter in her life, Rachel is embracing opportunities to work outdoors. She will be working as a Raft Guide on the Wild and Scenic Chattooga River and is joining the Farm Staff at Old Edward’s Inn. We are also exploring ways for her to stay involved as a Mountain volunteer.

“These have been some of the most formative and rewarding years of my life. I am proud to have joined the legacy of passionate keepers and wish this place and its people every success imaginable.”
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