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5Rhythms Dance Movement Retreat Spring 2023

HORIZON: dance yourself wide open to the dreams and desires longing to come through.

April 20 - 23, 2023
5Rhythms is a guided dance practice that powerfully catalyzes our body’s wild intelligence in a freely expressed movement meditation.

The Non-linear Movement Method is a somatic practice that identifies and unwinds patterns of contraction, and through gentle movements relieves tension and soothes the nervous system.
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Dancing at the top of a mountain with a 360° view allows us to broaden our lens, to see
a little further, to envision what’s out there that’s calling to us. As we step into the
dreamtime we will feel into those desires. Through the alchemical power of our dance
we will embody and enchant those desires so that they can come forward into our life and
become real.
This is the wayfinding map of emergence which is essentially: see, feel, do, become.
Unlike the kind of map that you study and follow, this map is one you learn to sense and
feel. The crucial element in learning about this map is the container for seeing & feeling
which we often don’t allow ourselves to experience for so many reasons. Maybe we are
afraid of enchantment or don’t know how to access the magic that happens when we
engage our bodies in transformative ways. Maybe it feels scary to feel or even to move
because we don’t know what will happen next. 
But in this residential workshop, when we are outside of our daily patterns and in the
dreamtime, we can have access to what our soul path wants us to know. We will listen
to the guidance that comes through from our bodies and the nature-based intelligence
around us. Together we’ll discover what enchantment looks, feels and moves like as the
circle we create together weaves its own kind of magic. 
We will be guided by the wisdom of the 5Rhythms map, non-linear movement, nature
inquiry and visioning. This retreat is for you if:


  • You find yourself too busy with your daily responsibilities to tune in to your

desires or dreams

  • You’re curious about what it means to enter the “dreamtime” and would like to

have an experience of it 

  • You’re drawn to dance and movement but sometimes feel inhibited about your

expression or ability to move on the outside the way you feel on the inside

  • You’ve been dancing all your life and now you’d like to tap into that feeling of

transcendence that happens now and then on a more consistent basis

  • You really haven’t given yourself time or space to explore movement in a way

that feels safe, creative and maybe even magic-making,
Join Julie Stuart, a Human Design Manifestor and exquisitely skilled practitioner of the art
of emergence as we envision our desires and enchant them into being.
We’ll be dancing at the top of a mountain in the southern Appalachians, the world’s
oldest mountains, on ancestral Cherokee land and weaving our explorations with the
land and the sentient beings who live there.

This workshop is for people who are new to 5Rhythms or who have danced the practice
for decades. We welcome people of all cultures, colors, creeds, all genders and
sexualities, all sizes, abilities and life stages. You don’t need to feel strong or energetic
to join us. If you are breathing, you have got all you need. Chairs available for seated dance.


Waves - A Gabrielle Roth 5Rhythms® Waves workshop is the foundation of the entire body of 5Rhythms work in which we expand our class work with a deepened physical expression and knowledge of the essential 5Rhythms and their polarities.
If you’re interested in contributing to a scholarship fund so that we can offer this workshop to folks who can’t self-fund, you can send money to Julie which will be passed along directly.

Venmo: julie-stuart-12 and paypal:


Also please opt for a double room instead of a single. It will allow us to accommodate more people attending as there is another retreat at the same time as ours and we have a certain allotment of rooms. Plus you may get to know someone a little better by sharing. I can not wait to welcome you there. Please send me any questions or concerns you may have. 


With so much love, 


Program: April 20 - 23, 2023

Registration Deadline: April 6

Registration: Open

Check-in Thursday at 4:00PM

Program ends with lunch on Sunday


Program Fees

$385 + tax per participant (required)

$285 + tax per 5RTA (pre-approval required)

$235 + tax per crew member (pre-approval required)

Packages - lodging and meals

4 day / 3 night Adult Double occupancy             $345.00 + Tax​

4 day / 3 night Adult Single occupancy 

(limited availability)                                                    $525.00 + Tax 

Commuter Rate

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