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Second Intro Session to:

Living Your Life Purpose 

FREE sessions about Life Fulfillment

- A Virtual Learning Series as a Mountain Program

3 sessions each 1 hour long:
Saturdays (May 1, 8, 15)  from 11:00 am - 12:30 pm ET

In our registration system, select Other Retreats then select your 2021 "Second Intro to Living Your Purpose" Package

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Course Purposes: 

  • To introduce research of what contributes to fulfilling, healthy and high-quality experience of living.

  • To identify typical psychological adjustments experienced as we mature and want to develop life-sustaining habits for ongoing happiness. 

  • To heighten, beyond financial security, a grounded, authentic sense of quality of life security and thereby retirement readiness.

  • To begin tapping into your Inner Purpose and discovering new ways of expressing it in daily service to beloved communities of your choice. 


Mark C Medlin is a change management consultant and coach with over thirty years of professional experience in organizational development, quality improvement, leadership development, and service excellence. He also is a Lean/Six Sigma Black Belt, Scrum Master.


Presenters of these sessions are donating their time, materials, and content pro bono to assure the
sustainability in these challenging times of The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center, Highlands, NC.

Mark Medlin

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 With 10,000 Americans retiring every day and this trend continuing until 2030--at which time nearly 20% of Americans will be retired, there is much work to be done to help retirees attend to their vitality and resilience. Even prior to COVID and now especially during it, we saw a surge in Americans falling into clinical depression, seeking professional coaching, and our communities experiencing great isolation and pain. There is much to be done! 


I have been a member of the UU congregations in Nashville and Asheville since 1993, enjoyed Leadership School at The Mountain, sent my 2 children to Mountain Camp, and participated in Gay Spirit Visions since its first meeting 30 years ago.  


Now 64, I have 30+ years' professional experience in organizational development, workplace learning, leadership development, change management, Lean/Six Sigma quality improvement and now technology project management. Most of my leadership has been with large healthcare systems and their IT operations where I've conducted many live workshops, seminars and strategic planning sessions, developed e-Learning solutions, facilitated live virtual sessions, and coached professionals in leadership and career development skills.


My own imminent retirement transition focuses on cultivating a stronger sense of inner meaningful purpose and becoming more intentional about engaging in habits and activities that live out that purpose in service to others. This journey is consistent, I believe, with my UU values and with the benefits we now have of empirical positive psychology research. 


What I have learned applies at many stages of our lives: Living our Life Purpose creates a fulfilling, meaningful, integrated life experience—regardless of our age. It delivers throughout our life!  Let’s join in supporting each other to achieve this most noble goal and benefit for our communities. 


Via secured Zoom link, once registered with The Mountain's signup system by
HERE or calling office at 828-526-5838.

Intro Program Modules

Module 1: Taking Stock: Another Look at Who You Are Today to Prepare for Tomorrow

Module 2: Creating New Perspectives: Envisioning What High Quality Living Means to You in Retirement

Module 3: Grounding in Your Strengths: With New Awareness and Clarified Vision, Shore Up the Foundation of Your Fulfillment


Anyone wanting to begin developing their Life Purpose, particularly if you are:

  • Challenged by Life Passages,

  • Planning retirement in 5 to 10 years,

  • Current retirees, and 

  • Family members of the above.

“From these sessions I feel more motivated and empowered to make choices that are rewarding and fulfilling to me. I have drafted a comprehensive life plan that propels me forward.”


Registration Fees:

This event is free for all to attend as we feel providing a sense of purpose, bringing true wisdom and accurate knowledge to elevate the self is critical at this time. It is recommend you continue beyond this taster to enjoy the full benefits of the 6 session full program.

Additional donations to The Mountain are encouraged in honor of this magnificent place as The Mountain is a home site of many quality in-person programs that have been affected at this time. 


  •  This is a FREE INTRO “taster” which consist of three 1-hour, virtual sessions set for Saturdays (May 1, 8, 15)  from 11:00 am - 12:30 pm ET  with short lecture/PowerPoint® presentations, individual worksheet completion time, and small group breakout discussion. 

Hopefully, this “taster” prompts you to enroll in “Living Your Life Purpose”

  •  6-session (12 hour) program running in the Second Half of 2021, Covid Dependent 

  • This is an engaging, experiential opportunity to reflect, share, learn and plan using the best practices that most contribute to a fulfilling, healthy and high quality experience of living.

Full Program Modules

Module 1: Assess who you are today

Module 2: Envision your best chapter 

Module 3: Build your launching pad 

Module 4: Plan your community of structure and support 

Module 5: Live into your best chapter

Module 6: Leave a legacy you can be proud of

*Modules are 90 min with 30 min Q&A

If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact The Mountain directly at:


828.526.5838 ext. 218​​

Phil Sterner, Program Developer and Volunteer at MRLC

See you on

The Mountain

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