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Packing List

Essential Items:


Raincoat or Poncho

Sturdy Walking Shoes

Water Shoes (shoes to wear in streams and rivers must be secure on feet – NO flip flops!)

Twin Sheets & Pillowcase

Sleeping Bag (Prefered) or Two Blankets

Towels (2)

Washcloth (2)

Headlamp & Batteries

Day Pack (light backpack with shoulder straps)

Sleep Wear

Socks and underwear (14)

Sweater or sweatshirt (2)

Windbreaker or Light Jacket

Short Sleeved Shirts

Bathing suit (1-2; bikinis aren’t recommended)

Long sleeved shirt (4)

Shorts (7-8)

Pants (2-3)

Water bottle (32 oz. recommended)

Personal items (toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, soap, etc.)

Multiple masks, washable and disposable

Glasses or contacts (if applicable)

Optional Items:


Laundry Bag

Musical Instrument(s)

Games, cards, etc. (Non-electronic games ONLY)

Special clothes/costumes for dress up, Coffee Houe, dances, etc.

Camera and batteries for camera

Books (including inspirational readings, etc.)

Props for talent night

Personal music player with headphones (not able to access Internet)

Spending money for Camper Bank

Envelopes and stamps (pre-addressed)


Please label all clothing, personal items, sleeping bags, and luggage with your camper’s name and/or initials.

Encourage your camper to use this sheet to list everything brought to camp and to check again when departing from camp.


Campers DO NOT have access to laundry facilities (except for long term programs).

PLEASE NOTE: The Mountain is not responsible for lost items. Lost & Found items that are not claimed within a week of the end of a session will be donated to a needy cause. We will return items found only upon request and at your cost.

(Prescription & Over-the-Counter)

  • On arrival proof of a negative COVID test

  • All medication MUST be given to Mountain staff at check-in

  • All prescription medications must be in original packaging with doctor’s prescription label attached

  • A Medication Form must be completed, signed an provided to Mountain staff at check-in

Do Not Bring the Following

  • Cell phones

  • Non-prescription medicine or first aid supplies

  • Handheld Electronic Games

  • Weapons of any kind (slingshots, pocket knives, etc.)

  • Tobacco, Illegal Drugs, or Alcohol products (possession of these items is contrary to the signed personal agreement and will result in dismissal)

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