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Thank You

Mountain friends and family Thank you! Due to your kind and generous donations of time, treasure and talents, we’ve had another successful year at The Mountain! As we tie up loose ends, it is clear that 2019 presented some challenges, but our Mountain community again stood tall and guided us through a ninth year of continued success. As we dive into 2020 and beyond, I again ask for your support and guidance. At this time, I would like your opinion on building our future and how to best use the generous donations you give.

The Mountain is at a crossroad of sorts. During my tenure, we have spent a lot of time looking back and living in the present. Though we have taken steps to prepare for our future, there is much work to be done.


What I would like is for you to follow this link:

Mountain Funding Priority Survey 

and take the survey to help improve 

The Mountain.

This survey is intended to gather information on how you would like your money allocated to repairs, improvements and enhancements to our campus. Your thoughts, ideas and opinions are very important to me and our Mountain community.

- Ted Wisniewski 

Executive Director of The Mountain


Below are brief explanations / descriptions to help you with the survey. 


Replace current flooring with vinyl plank flooring, replace mattress, box springs and toilets, in duplexes add solid wood core doors on door in between A & B side, possible sound proofing and a way to reduce humidity in cabins. Air conditioners? Dehumidifiers?

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 10.20.12


  • Lake – Do state required repairs, add a riser, cut into the dam and replace pipe, repair spill way.

  • Staff Housing - Improve or replace the 5 staff trailers at the base

  • Farm – Complete classroom.

  • Lodge & Library - Install flooring and possibly repurpose the library to accommodate other uses. Lodge improvements could include replacing carpeting, re-staining the outside of the building, possibly HVAC splits. 

  • Tower - Replace the roof, repair water damage and possible mold issues inside the building. Possibly raise the viewing platform.

  • Renewable Energy - Continue reducing our resource and energy consumption through replacing windows and doors, adding insulation, replacing roofs and exploring rain water collection and use. Explore feasibility of adding more solar panels to our property or use of other alternative energy sources.    



  • Mini lodge, repave road 1-4 - A new three-story self-contained building on property the Mountain owns. Adding 10 sleeping rooms, two meeting spaces and a full kitchen. Increasing flexibility for groups and high-quality housing to 40 lodge spaces. This new construction would also involve a slight change to the current road.

  • Replace ASCENDER - A complete tear down and redesign of the current ASCENDER building, currently sleeps maximum of 13.  The building is on leased property managed by the conservation easement rules. No design has been developed, but would concentrate on guest sleeping spaces.   

  • Replace Kinsman / Planetarium - A complete tear down and redesign of the current buildings, these buildings are currently used for staff housing. They are on leased property managed by the conservation easement rules. No design has been developed, but a new design would concentrate on seasonal staff and volunteer sleeping spaces.  

  • Repave service entrance / lake road - Fill in potholes and put an additional layer of asphalt from the bottom of the Mountain road to Route 106, the road that runs next to the lake.   

Mountain Archives (selected) - DVD Expor

Thanks in advance for your participation in the survey and best wishes for a joy filled 2020.

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