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GSV 2022 Fall Conference

For Men Who Love Men

September 22 - September 25

We are committed to creating safe, sacred space that is open to all spiritual paths, wherein men who love men may explore and strengthen spiritual identity.

We are committed to creating a spiritual community with the intent to heal, nurture our gifts and potential, and live with integrity in the world.

We are committed to supporting others in their spiritual growth by sharing experiences and insights.

Please go to the Gay Spirit Visions website for more information: 

Check the group's website for Registration opening dates

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(Re)Directing Our Energies to Queer Worldmaking


The 32nd Gay Spirit Visions Fall Conference is focused on (Re)Directing our Energies to Queer Worldmaking. Queer worldmaking has become a popular term among queer theorists to describe the ways in which we make space for ourselves and each other in a world not designed for us or by us. As gay, bi, trans, and queer men who walk between worlds, we are often called upon to create space for ourselves and each other. Knowing this, we can direct and redirect our energy to create worlds more meaningfully and intentionally. Our 32nd fall gathering will focus on bridging past-present-future to direct our energy to create worlds we need for ourselves and each other. We will also mark the ways in which this conference is a sort of coming home to ourselves and each other as we enter what we hope is the late-stage of this latest global pandemic.


  • Program: September 22 – 25, 2022

  • Program Registration Open



Registration Fee includes:

  • Lodging

  • Meals include dinner on arrival through lunch on departure

  • Use of assigned facilities

  • Participation in program activities

  • Registration is restricted to GSV community members

PACKAGE RATE:  4 days / 3 nights
Participants have the choice of lodging type:

  • Private Room (Limited Capacity)               $495

  • Lodge and Cabin (Shared Room)              $315             

  • Bunk House (Shared Room up to 4)         $270

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