Adaptive Living - From Fear to Love

Pathway to Progress - a Virtual Learning Series as a Mountain Program

Wednesdays from 11 am - 12:30 pm ET, starting July 1, an Eight-Week Series

Why Attend:

Only ‘adaptable people’ and ‘adaptable systems’ survive and thrive in turbulent times. Learn the set of practices  necessary to ensure you are more adaptable in this increasingly disruptive and changing world. Learn how you can survive and thrive through the practice of Adaptive Living!


In addition, adaptive people know how to stay balanced and maintain their sanity and success.  Learn the surprising new science of happiness and what new practices contribute to our well-being in this tumultuous world.

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Dr. Rita Brodnax

Dr. Brodnax earned her doctorate from Indiana University in educational leadership, curriculum and applying brain research to teaching, learning and communication. Dr. Rita Brodnax has had culturally diverse and in-depth experiences in the education field as a teacher, administrator, professional development coordinator, technology coordinator, dean, assistant superintendent, superintendent, university faculty, business consultant and consultant with state departments of education and schools. She has trained thousands of teachers and administrators and worked with hundreds of schools in urban, rural, and suburban areas as they pursued their continuous improvement, performance and learning community goals.

Dr. Brodnax’s interest and passion for applying brain research to teaching and learning started decades ago when she began teaching and wanted to reach every single one of her students and not just the majority of them. She pursued brain research with the hope of finding out how to be more successful with all students. She found definite answers about how to use her own brain better and how to develop and grow the brains of others with real-world results.

Dr. Brodnax’s workshops are interactive, engaging and participatory. She models the most powerful brain-based system and strategies to demonstrate how “brain compatible learner experiences” ensure learning, sustainable memory and growth in the neural networks of the brain. Participants experience first hand the power, delight and real-world benefits of using their brains better. 

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at Furman is a member run, member driven, diverse learning community of senior adults engaged in non-credit educational courses and programs, social opportunities and physical activities that inspire students to stay mentally and physically active in a supportive, nurturing and fulfilling university environment.

Dudley Tower, Ph.D.

Dudley Tower, Ph.D. has been teaching an original one-year approach to optimal aging and retirement for the past six years at OLLI at Furman University called the Dynamic Aging Program (DAP). Dynamic Aging is a new, proactive and systemic retirement paradigm based on the “New Reality” facing older adults today, and their need to constantly adapt, and grow psychologically stronger, in response to increasingly rapid and unpredictable external change. Rather than what we actually see in older adults today, this new retirement paradigm is based on an older adult’s ”potential” and represents an inter-disciplinary science of aging that Dudley has created from the fields of positive and developmental psychology, gerontology, sociology, systems theory, neuroscience, as well as the most current understanding of age-appropriate exercise and nutrition.


Dudley completed his MBA in 1974 at UCLA, where he met his wife Chris who has been teaching the DAP with him for the past three years. After a stint in the Peace Corps. they both returned to the United States, becoming executives in the automotive industry, until Dudley was diagnosed with cancer. His cancer was an “awakening” which eventually resulted in quitting his job and going back to school to earn an MA is Clinical Psychology, an MA in Organizational Development, and a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems from the Fielding Graduate University -- where he was able to create his own program to become an expert in human systems change. Since that time he has worked as an organizational consultant and teacher, and is currently writing the book on Dynamic Aging.

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  • Program: Starting July 1 2020, following a nine-week series. 

  • Registration is now open.

  • Registration deadline: June 25th, 2020


Registration Fees:

This event is free for all to attend as we feel providing a sense of purpose, bringing true wisdom and accurate knowledge to elevate the self is critical at this time. However the providers of this program recommend a suggested donation fee of $80 per participant. When registering you will be given the option to pay what you wish. Please consider paying the suggested $80 or more to support this event, and our host The Mountain. 

Additional donations to The Mountain are encouraged in honor of this magnificent place as The Mountain is a home site of many quality in-person programs that have been affected at this time. 

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