Self Nomination Form

Application for The Mountain’s Governing Boards

It is the responsibility of Members to ensure the ongoing welfare of The Mountain through the election of members of the Board of Trustees and The Mountain Nominating Committee.

If you are interested in serving on one of The Mountain’s governing boards, please fill out this application.  Someone from the Nominating Committee will contact you within 3 days.

The Mountain conducts annual elections for the Nominating Committee  and for the Board of Trustees.

Several nominees will be on the ballot for each group in March each year and results announced at the Annual Meeting each May. Terms run for 3 years.

Nominees will be selected and placed on the ballot in March each year. Results will be announced at the Annual Meeting in May.

The application is due by January 15, 2024. The nominating committee will contact them no later than January 30, 2024 

Description of Board of Trustees Positions & Organization

As of (10/25/22)

The MRLC Board is composed of 11 voting Trustees elected by the Membership and the Executive Director (non-voting ex-officio).  In addition, up to four voting Trustees may be selected by the Board, as well as other non-voting Trustees may be appointed by the Board as needed to carry on the work of the Board.

All elected Trustees will serve for a term of three (3) years. All Board appointed Trustees may serve up to two terms based upon the needs of the Board at any given time. No Trustee, elected or appointed, shall serve more than six (6) consecutive years.

The officers of The Mountain include the Chair, Corporate Secretary and Financial Advisor. In addition, there is a Recording Secretary.  All board members serve on one of these 4 teams:

  • Leadership Development Team – nominating, training and orientation, policy review
  • Institutional Performance Team – review of mission, vision and policies, and measurement of organizational performance
  • Planning and Finance Team – review of Executive Limitations Policies, planning and budgeting assumptions, assessing Executive Director’s performance, succession planning
  • Institutional Advancement Team – assist with annual giving campaign and all fund-raising efforts, identify sources of additional funding and promotion of The Mountain

Each team may request nominations for non-board volunteers to help carry out their functions.

All candidates must be willing to engage in the work of the Board as evidenced by their stated commitment to meet the following Board expectations:

  • Attendance at Board meetings
  • Adherence to the Board’s policies
  • Performance of all delegated Board team and committee assignments during and between formal meetings
  • Making an annual financial contribution and/or holding an annual membership to The Mountain.
  • Annually signing The Mountain Board of Trustees Covenant

Time Commitment

The board meets four times each year at The Mountain. The board typically gathers on Friday night, with business conducted on Saturday. Some teams use part of Sunday to work on projects. In addition to those meetings, there will be monthly Zoom meetings as required by the board to make decisions. Each team also usually does most of its work via phone conference between meetings.

Face to Face Schedule of Four Meetings

  • Memorial Day Weekend: This is The Mountain’s annual membership meeting. New board members are elected and installed at this time.
  • August: 3rd or 4th weekend
  • November: Traditionally, the weekend before Thanksgiving
  • February: 3rd or 4th weekend


Board members are expected to pay for lodging and meals for them (and partner, if desired).  Board members may request assistance with expenses, if needed. With prior notice, childcare can be provided for children of board members during the meetings.

Description of Nominating Committee Organization

As of (10/25/22)

The Nominating Committee is composed of five elected members and one liaison member from the Board of Trustees. Additionally, the immediate Past President of the Board may serve as a non-voting ex-officio member for guidance.

By Policy, the Nominating Committee is structured as an independent committee, operates separately from Board influence, and is elected by Members of The Mountain, as stated in Section 6.2 of the Bylaws.

The Nominating Committee seeks to identify a pool of talented individuals who are connected to The Mountain and want to contribute to its positive evolution. The Board of Trustees identifies the needed skill clusters of potential Trustees to serve their upcoming needs. The committee will vet the candidates to select those individuals best suited for the upcoming needs of the Board of Trustees and the Nominating Committee.

TASKS and SCHEDULE: The process and tasks are detailed in a year-long calendar, available upon request. The major work of the committee is done between September and February as we identify needs and potential candidates. Self-nominations are solicited from Mountain members in November with a December 1 deadline. By year-end, potential nominees are identified and asked to prepare biographical descriptions for possible inclusion in the ballot sent in April. The work culminates with the Spring elections and the results announced at the Annual Meeting of Mountain Membership in May.

Commitment:  To contribute optimally to the Nominating Committee, it is best to:

  • Have a circle of friends, acquaintances, and contacts with whom you can network to find talented folks who are active in Mountain programs, organization, volunteering, and are willing to serve.
  • Be able to devote time for 4-5 video-conference meetings per year in addition to preparing for such meetings by networking, polling, and mentoring others to be considered as candidates.

Expenses: None. The Nominating Committee conducts all meetings by Zoom (or equivalent).

Interested in Assisting?

Contact anyone of us:
Charles Sterner, Teresa Youngblood, Wayne Morris,  Robert Smith, Erin Powers

Board Liaison:
Steven Reines

Thank you for your participation! You are the foundation of a strong Mountain.