Self-Nomination Form for The Mountain’s Nominating Committee & Board of Trustees

It is the responsibility of Members to ensure the ongoing welfare of The Mountain through the election of members of the Board of Trustees and The Mountain Nominating Committee.


We are seeking self-nominations for openings on the Board and the Nominating Committee.  Please complete this self-nomination form below. 

The Mountain conducts annual elections for the Nominating Committee (which are competitive) and for the Board of Trustees (which are sometimes competitive).

Several nominees will be on the ballot for each group in March each year and results announced at the Annual Meeting each May. Terms run for 3 years.


Nominees will be selected and placed on the ballot in March each year. Results will be announced at the Annual Meeting in May.

DEADLINE is December 1, 2021 for this self-nomination form. The nominating committee will contact them no later than December 15, 2021 

Self-Nomination Form

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Are You a Member of The Mountain? (It is a requirement that you are at least an Annual Member)
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Thank you from all of us associated with The Mountain. 


A Mountain Nominating Committee member will contact you by Dec. 30th

Thank you for being part of The Mountain

Description of Board of Trustees Positions & Organization

As of (10/19/21)

The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center Board is composed of eleven voting Trustees elected by the Membership and The Mountain Executive Director (non-voting ex-officio).  In addition, up to four voting Trustees may be selected by the Board, and other non-voting Trustees may be appointed by the Board as needed to carry on the work of The Board and it’s teams. The nomination process for the Board is conducted independently to minimize any perception of Board influence on the elections.


All elected Trustees will serve for a term of three (3) years. Trustees may serve up to two terms based upon the needs of the Board at any given time. No Trustee, elected or appointed, shall serve more than six (6) consecutive years.


The officers of The Mountain include the Chair, Corporate Secretary and Financial Advisor. In addition, there is a Recording Secretary.  All board members serve on one of these four teams:

Board Leadership Team (nominating, training and orientation, policy review);

Institutional Performance Team (review of mission, vision and policies, and measurement of
organizational performance);

Planning and Finance Team (review of Executive Limitations Policies, planning and budgeting
assumptions, assessing Executive Director’s performance, succession planning); and

Institutional Advancement Team (help staff with annual giving campaign and all fund-raising efforts,
identify sources of additional funding and promotion of The Mountain).


All candidates must be willing to engage in the work of the Board as evidenced by their stated

commitment to meet the following Board expectations:

  • Attendance and participation at Board meetings

  • Adherence to the Board’s policies

  • Performance of all delegated Board team and committee assignments during and between formal meetings

  • Making an annual financial contribution and holding an annual membership to The Mountain.

  • Annually signing The Mountain Board's Covenant

Time Commitment:


The board meets four times each year at The Mountain. The board typically gathers on Friday night, with business conducted on Saturday. Some teams may use part of Sunday to work on their projects. Trustees may also call into meetings by Zoom if they are not able to attend in person.  In addition to those meetings, there may be conference calls or Zoom meetings for the whole board as required. The teams also conducts business via phone conference between meetings.


Schedule of Four Meetings:

  • Memorial Day Weekend: This is The Mountain's annual membership meeting. New board members are elected and installed at this time.

  • August: Usually the 3rd or 4th weekend

  • November: Traditionally, the weekend before Thanksgiving

  • February: Usually the 3rd or 4th weekend


Expenses covered for board members who attend meetings at The Mountain include lodging and meals for them (and partner, if desired).  Childcare will also be provided at The Mountain for children of board members during the meetings.

Description of Nominating Committee Organization

As of (10/31/19)

The Nominating Committee is composed of five elected members and one liaison from the Board of Trustees. Additionally, the immediate Past President of the Board is invited to participate as a non-voting ex-officio member.


The Nominating Committee is structured as an independent committee, operates separately from Board influence, and is elected by Members of The Mountain, as stated in Section 6.2 of the Bylaws.


The Nominating Committee seeks to identify a pool of talented individuals who are connected to The Mountain and want to contribute to its positive evolution. The committee vets all candidates to select those individuals best suited to meet the upcoming needs of the Nominating Committee.


The process and tasks are detailed in a year-long cale