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The Mountain Endowment

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

The Endowment Board hosted a dessert reception to honor current Endowment Members, and to inform others about the potential of the Endowment for making a difference at The Mountain. With the intention of growing the Endowment, now at $550,000, a minimal annual distribution is made to The Mountain, $13,784 this year. These funds helped with new sound reduction ceiling panels in the dining hall. Check it out next time you visit!

My name is Anna Martin and I am the newest member of the Endowment Board for The Mountain. I was impressed to learn of the healthy growth that the endowment has seen over the past few years. Since the annual gift from the endowment is a percent of the total account, as the total endowment grows the annual gift to The Mountain grows with it. So please contribute to the endowment if you can. There are so many ways you can donate: cash, check, transfer stocks, just to name a few! You could also include The Mountain in your estate plan, e.g. in your will or as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy. Your gift will strengthen The Mountain for generations to come! As a parent of young kids in the middle of my career I don’t currently have the ability to make huge gifts but in addition to a recent modest gift I am going to name The Mountain as a beneficiary on a life insurance plan that I have through my work. Upon my death The Mountain would receive a certain percent of the policy, with plenty left over for my husband and kids. While I hope that my death is still decades in the future, it brings me peace knowing that I have arranged my affairs so that the people and places I love will be financially taken care of. Join me!

Anna and Langdon, with kids Eliza and Lucille on top of The Mountain tower

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