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Elementary Camp 

The Mountain’s Elementary Camp sessions offer an inviting, low-pressure entry point for children aged 8-11 to experience overnight camp. We emphasize games which teach young people to cooperate and mend fences with each other when conflict does come up. We also intentionally design our activities so that our young friends can learn new skills while having fun. Some of our offerings include:

  • Arts & crafts and creative expression activities, including pottery, nature sculpture, and poetry workshops;

  • Adventure experiences, including canoeing, hiking, and wilderness survival skills.

  • Agricultural and botanical adventures, including learning to identify edible and medicinal plants native to our region, harvesting and preparing (and eating!) produce from our farm, and learning about the fantastic variety of fungi present on the Mountain;

  • Athletic pursuits, including team sports, swimming at our waterfront, large group games such as capture the flag, and archery;

  • Self-exploration and social justice workshops, including body positivity, nonviolent communication skills, and thoughtful debates.

Elementary Camp Dates: 


Session 1: Two week session: June 11th - 24th  

                  One week sessions: June 11th - 17th or June 18th - 24th


Session 2: Two week session: July 9th - July 22nd

                  One week sessions: July 9th - July 15th or July 16th - 22nd

Our Elementary Campers now have the choice to have a one or two week experience at Mountain Camp. The campers also have the choice to be included in a larger group of campers their age in the 1st session, or a more intimate setting with a smaller group during the 2nd session.


  • 1-week session $910 per camper

  • 2-week session $1820 per camper

  • Standard Deposit (non-refundable): $400 per camper registration

  • Full payment of all registration fees due: June 1, 2023

  • In our registration system, select MountainCamp and select for "Elementary Camp"

Camperships are available!! Click HERE to learn more and apply

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