Board of Trustees 

The Mountain trustees are a diverse group of people who reflect strong commitments to The Mountain over many years. Our current trustees have been involved in professional positions as teachers and religious educators, accountants and CPAs, mental health specialists, business executives, corporate trainers, sales and marketing professionals, ministers, and fundraisers. Many trustees have held leadership positions in their congregations and UUA districts. One trustee is a UU minister.

The unifying characteristic of Mountain trustees is the strong commitment of each trustee to support and promote The Mountain. All trustees invest a great deal of their time, energy, and finances in this important work.  As a group,  Mountain Trustees have participated in numerous workshops and events at The Mountain, volunteered thousands of hours in the work of The Mountain, attended MountainCamp, worked as a MountainCamp counselors, sent children to MountainCamp, invested in The Mountain as founding life members, and had multiple generations of their families immersed in The Mountain. Being a trustee is not a passing interest; it is a deep commitment. 


    Board Chair

    1st Term 2017-2020 

    2nd Term 2020-2023

    Decatur, GA. MBA, Georgia State University; BA in Political Science, Colorado College. Currently helping energy utilities transform their businesses to meet consumer needs. Former camper, CIT, and summer camp leadership staff at The Mountain.


    Planning &

    Finance Team

    1st Term 2017-2020 

    2nd Term 2020-2023

    Washington, DC.  A lifelong UU; served on staff for three UU camps (SUUSI, SWIM and The Mountain); former camper and counselor at TM; Youth Programs Director at TM for 3 years; and on SWIM Board of Trustees from 2011-13.  MA in Accounting; currently works as a financial management advisor PricewaterhouseCoopers serving public sector clients.


    Institutional  Advancement Team

    1st Term 2020-2023

    I came to The Mountain for the first time for summer camp in middle school and have come back almost every summer after that. I have been on MountainCamp staff for several years, as I completed the CIT program and then became a counselor both in the cabin and the outdoor programs. I have attended a CON and the Climate Justice Conference. Originally my mother found her way to UU WomenSpirit and immediately resonated with everything The Mountain offers, as did my sister and I. Thinking back, I was at first reluctant to go, but I recognize now that over twelve years I’ve grown into who I am because of my connection to The Mountain.


    Institutional  Advancement Team

    1st Term 2019-2022

    I live in Savannah, GA, and am serving my 7th year as the settled minister in UU church there.

    I have been part of many Mountain programs, RE Week, Family Camp, and Ministerial Retreats. I am currently the VP of the Southeast UU Ministers Association and responsible for programming our semiannual retreats at The Mountain. My son has enjoyed Mountain Camp.

    Because these Mountain experiences have been so important to me in personal, family and professional ways, I would like to invest myself in the institution and help it continue far into the future!


    Leadership Development Team

    1st Term 2020-2023

    I am an ordained Unitarian Universalist Community Minister serving the Unitarian Universalist Church of Pensacola. I reside in Pensacola with my partner in ministry, and service animal, Daisy Dog, my partner Chad and two loving felines. I feel that Unitarian Universalism is truly a lifesaving faith and it is my mission to spread the good news that you are loved, valued and worthy just as you are!

    I attended Starr King School for the Ministry where I completed my Master of Arts in Social Change with an additional Certificate in Unitarian Universalist Studies. We are better together, we can only change the world together, and every day is a new chance to live fully toward those ideals, embrace our diversity and join in building the Beloved Community together!



    Development Team 

    1st Term 2017-2020 

    2nd Term 2020-2023 

    Liaison to Nominating Committee 

    Stone Mountain, GA.   BS Materials Science and Engineering, Washington State University, MEd. Science Education, Georgia State University.  Former Trustee and President of Mid-South District.  Past congregational President UU Congregation of Atlanta. Current Trustee Altamaha Riverkeeper.   Employed as science educator DeKalb County Schools GA.



    Development Team 

    1st Term 2020-2023 

    I now serve the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta as their Youth Ministries Coordinator and am Vice President/President-elect of Diverse Revolutionary UU Multicultural Ministries (DRUUMM). Additionally, I’m an active part of the Black Lives UU (BLUU) community. I’m deeply involved in developing programming that fosters community and meets the moral, spiritual, and intellectual needs of youth.

    My view is that youth are energetic, creative, and inspiring leaders within the UU faith movement. My personal mission is to provide safe and empowering spaces for youth to grow, and to translate their vision for their church experience into practical programming.



    Development Team

    1st Term 2019-2022

    Liaison to Mountain Endowment Fund 

    As for many of you, The Mountain has a special place in my heart.  Over my years of visiting and volunteering in almost every capacity, I have witnessed the hard times and sacrifices made to keep it alive.  I want nothing more than to see the current positive trajectory continue and grow.


    It has provided my son and me with a wealth of experiences that assisted our personal growth and learning that could not have happened in any other community or setting.  


    My son is getting older, so camp is no longer the center of our summers, and this provides me the freedom which enables me to participate more frequently, and to continue to serve the Mountain in additional manners.



    Performance Team

    1st Term 2020-2021

    My connection to The Mountain has been an important and enduring one. I’ve enjoyed being one of the original and continuing contributors of time, treasure, and talent to create and underwrite the operations and endowment of The Mountain. As a Charter Life Member in 1979, I lent money to enable purchase of the facilities that became our beloved Mountain RLC. Today I’d like to serve The Mountain in one more way by bringing my financial, consulting, and leadership skills to serve the needs of the Board. I am called to actualize The Mountain’s Vision--To be an exemplary retreat, camp and learning center.


    Institutional Performance Team

    1st Term 2018-2021

     Garner, NC. B.S. in Natural Resources, North Carolina State University; Juris Doctor, Campbell University Law School. Member of Unitarian Universalist Peace Fellowship, Raleigh, NC. Enjoys baton twirling, backpacking, and snuggling with puppies. Currently working in the Real Estate Industry in Central North Carolina.


    Institutional Performance Team

    1st Term 2019-2022 

    Corporate Secretary

    You may have met me at The Mountain during the past 40 years, as I’ve been a Charter Life Member and active volunteer in SUUFI and other programs. I am a consistent and strong donor, helping underwrite several recent infrastructure upgrades.

    You can count on me to have a logical mind, to ask questions about what I don’t understand, and to assure we have policies and practices that enable The Mountain’s continued sustainability and thriving.  I welcome the opportunity to work with other Board Members at The Mountain to promote accomplishments aligned with the Strategic Plan of The Mountain.


    Institutional Performance Team

    1st Term 2018-2020 

    2nd Term 2020-2023

    Black Mountain, NC. BA in Economics, Macalester College. MS in Experiential Education, Minnesota State University. Retired from a career in Outdoor Education and Camp/Conference Center leadership. Served as Interim Director of The Mountain 2011-13. Member of UUCSV in Black Mountain; serve as Treasurer for the congregation and on the Sunday Service Program committee.


    Recording Secretary, 


    Fuquay-Varina, NC. B.S. in Biochemistry, UNC-Chapel Hill; PhD from Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Pharmacology. Former Board member and President of Southern Unitarian Universalist Summer Institute. Now on Core Staff for SUUSI. Currently Past President of the Board of the UU Fellowship of Raleigh.

Nominating Committe


    Nominating Committee

    I have been coming to The Mountain for growth and renewal for 17 years. I have attended MountainCamp as participant, and later worked at MountainCamp in a variety of capacities. I’ve been a resident intern in the programs department, and I’m currently involved with youth CONs and other programs as a volunteer.


    I grew up in the UU community, first at All Souls in Kansas City, Missouri, and then at NWUUC in Atlanta. Since I now live in Cullowhee, NC, I have just started attending events at UUF in Franklin, NC, with intentions to be more involved in that community.


    As I get older and gain more skills, I am looking for ways to serve The Mountain beyond youth programs and manual labor. I’m skilled in networking and talent evaluation, and I am driven to help make The Mountain the best it can be. With my contacts in nearby UU communities and ongoing Mountain programs, I believe I would be an asset to the Nominating Committee.


    Nominating Committee

    My first experience at The Mountain was in 1985 when I went to Leadership School in preparation for my role as President of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tallahassee (UUCT). It was then that I knew I wanted to continue to attend programs at The Mountain and become a member of the community. I became a Life Member during my second visit (I think the program was called MAUUI). A few years ago, I was pleased to send my four grandchildren to MountainCamp.


    I have volunteered off and on since 1995. My volunteering supplemented The Mountain Staff in the office, kitchen, and housekeeping and allowed me to participate in programs being offered. I served as Secretary to the Board of Trustees for 2 years and then was elected first as a Board Member (3 years) and then Chair of the Board (3 more years). It was a period of transition for The Mountain, but I had the support and help of dedicated Trustees, members, and staff. I am still involved in the Climate Justice program offered in August along with Beverly Cree.


    I first became aware of UU church when I moved to Miami in 1978, where I attended the UU Church of South Miami. When I moved to Tallahassee in 1984, I immediately joined UUCT, as a way to find my community. I’ve served as President, VP for Finance and Collecting Treasurer, and chair of a Ministerial Search Committee. I would like to serve on the Nominating Committee to help identify strong leaders for the Board, which is critical to fulfilling the vision and mission of The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center.


    Nominating Committee

    My first trip to The Mountain was about 1987 for Religious Education Week. I was a brand-new DRE, and Gene Navias was the presenter. I came every year for many years. I brought youth to Mountain CONs while serving as a Youth Advisor and Youth Coordinator for the MSD Board. For a number of years my husband and I met two other couples at the Mountain for New Year’s Eve Weekend. I served as faculty and helped create Leadership School for Religious Educators. Since the late 90s I have come to The Mountain regularly for SEUUMA. From time to time I attend other gatherings or programs at The Mountain with friends or family.


    My family attended First UU of San Diego when I was a child. Later we lived in Birmingham AL and attended church there. After I married and moved to Tuscaloosa, I attended there and served on committees including starting an RE program. My husband and I moved to Birmingham in 1984 and our family attended the UU church there, and I became the DRE. I served as a ministerial intern at Neshoba UU near Memphis and was called to the UU Church of Huntsville in 2002. After retiring from that position in 2018, I agreed to serve as the 3/4-time minister at UU Pensacola, where I am now.


    The Mountain has been a huge and important part of my life and formation for decades. I care very much about its success. So, when asked if I might be interested in serving The Mountain on this Nominating Committee, I said yes.

Standing Agenda Items for Board Meetings

Revised 11/10/15  The Recording Secretary will maintain the master file of all policies and will update them as appropriate.

Every Regular Meeting
  • Approve minutes of previous meeting

  • Mountain Operations and Finance Report

  • Team Reports

  • Mountain Matters content suggestions

First Meeting of Board following Elections (After Annual Meeting)
  • Approve Board Teams, Chair, Corporate Secretary, and Recording Secretary

  • Approval of resolutions for bank & investment account signatories (Chair and Corporate Secretary)

  • Review and Affirm Covenant of Community Standards and Behaviors

  • Team Meetings to determine goals for coming year (conducted after Board meeting)

Second Meeting
  • New Trustee Orientation (Leadership Development Team)

  • Team Meeting: Report on Goals and Action Plans

  • Nominations Committee Appointments

  • Annual Review of Board/Executive Relations Policies (Planning and Finance)

  • Annual Review of Executive Limitations Policies (Planning and Finance)

Third Meeting
  • Need for Audit/Review (Financial Advisor/Director)

  • Trustee Recruitment (Leadership Development Team)

  • Annual Review of Succession Plan and Plan for Immediate Departure of Exec Director (Planning and Finance Team)

  • Annual Development Plan for Coming Year

  • Approve Budget for New Year (Planning and Finance Team/Director)

Fourth Meeting
  • Annual Executive Director Performance Evaluation and Salary Review (Planning and Finance)

  • Endowment Board Appointment (Planning and Finance)

  • Annual Review of Mountain Vision/Mission/Values Policies (Institutional Performance)

  • Trustee Nominations and Team Assignments (Leadership Development)

  • Annual Mountain Membership Meeting Agenda, including Annual Report

Fifth Meeting (Before Annual Meeting)
  • Annual Board Self-Evaluation

  • Review/Approve Annual Audit Report (Financial Advisor, Planning and Finance, Chair)

Board of Trustees August 2019

Front row: (L-R)  Kerry Keys, Nathalie Bigord, Deann Peterson, KC Boyce, Nancy Wylie.

Back row: (L-R) Kit Hamblen P.E, Chris Breivogel , Megan Eckert, Zoe  Hansen Burnet, Dave Hudson, Lee Reading. 

(Not Pictured  David H. Messner)


The Mountain Staff with Board of Trustees and Mountain Endowment Board of Directors in 2018

Front row (L to R): Dave Hudson, Mtn Board, DeAnn Peterson, Mtn Board, Megan Quattlebaum, Program Director, KC Boyce, Mtn Board, Charles Lee, Board/Nominating Comm, Rachel Kinback, Guest Services, Nancy DeLux, Endowment Board, Beverly Cree, Endowment Board Chair, Zoe Hansen Burnet, Mtn Board, Nathalie Bigord, Mtn Board Chair, Penny Raney, Endowment Board. 2nd row (L to R):  Julia Jamieson, Guest Services, Sam Dobmeyer, Programs, Rob Marcy, Mtn Board, Justin Perry, Programs, Teresa Falzone, Finance Director, Gail Sphar, Mtn Board, Margi Milburn, Endowment Board, Dick Fencl, Endowment Board. Back row (L to R): Kit Hamblen, Mtn Board, Joey Kyle, Farm Manager, Miriam Witzl, Former Finance-HR, Kerry Keys, Mtn Board, Linda Sterner, Mtn Board Past Chair, Laurel Amabile, Development, Chris Breivogel, Mtn Board, Lee Reading, Mtn Board, Mark Gramlich, IT Staff.


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