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Board of Trustees 

The unifying characteristic of Mountain trustees is the commitment of each trustee to support and promote The Mountain. All trustees invest a great deal of their time, energy, and finances in this important work.  As a group,  Mountain Trustees have participated in numerous workshops and events at The Mountain, volunteered thousands of hours in the work of The Mountain, attended MountainCamp, worked as a MountainCamp counselors, sent children to MountainCamp, invested in The Mountain as founding life members, contributed to The Mountain's Capital Campaign, and had multiple generations of their families immersed in The Mountain. Being a trustee is not a passing interest; it is a deep commitment. 

Nominating Committe

Standing Agenda Items for Board Meetings

Revised 11/10/15  The Recording Secretary will maintain the master file of all policies and will update them as appropriate.

Every Regular Meeting
  • Approve minutes of previous meeting

  • Mountain Operations and Finance Report

  • Team Reports

  • Mountain Matters content suggestions

th (1).png
First Meeting of Board following Elections (After Annual Meeting)
  • Approve Board Teams, Chair, Corporate Secretary, and Recording Secretary

  • Approval of resolutions for bank & investment account signatories (Chair and Corporate Secretary)

  • Review and Affirm Covenant of Community Standards and Behaviors

  • Team Meetings to determine goals for coming year (conducted after Board meeting)

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Second Meeting
  • New Trustee Orientation (Leadership Development Team)

  • Team Meeting: Report on Goals and Action Plans

  • Nominations Committee Appointments

  • Annual Review of Board/Executive Relations Policies (Planning and Finance)

  • Annual Review of Executive Limitations Policies (Planning and Finance)

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Third Meeting
  • Need for Audit/Review (Financial Advisor/Director)

  • Trustee Recruitment (Leadership Development Team)

  • Annual Review of Succession Plan and Plan for Immediate Departure of Exec Director (Planning and Finance Team)

  • Annual Development Plan for Coming Year

  • Approve Budget for New Year (Planning and Finance Team/Director)

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Fourth Meeting
  • Annual Executive Director Performance Evaluation and Salary Review (Planning and Finance)

  • Endowment Board Appointment (Planning and Finance)

  • Annual Review of Mountain Vision/Mission/Values Policies (Institutional Performance)

  • Trustee Nominations and Team Assignments (Leadership Development)

  • Annual Mountain Membership Meeting Agenda, including Annual Report

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Fifth Meeting (Before Annual Meeting)
  • Annual Board Self-Evaluation

  • Review/Approve Annual Audit Report (Financial Advisor, Planning and Finance, Chair)


Board of Trustees November 2022

Front row: (L-R)  Rachel Kinback, Taryn Bledsoe, Megan Van Der Linde, Deann Peterson, Marleen Trader, KC Boyce, Lee Reading

Back row: (L-R) Steven Reines, Scott May, Anna Martin, Joy Irwin


Board of Trustees August 2019

Front row: (L-R)  Kerry Keys, Nathalie Bigord, Deann Peterson, KC Boyce, Nancy Wylie.

Back row: (L-R) Kit Hamblen P.E, Chris Breivogel , Megan Eckert, Zoe  Hansen Burnet, Dave Hudson, Lee Reading. 

(Not Pictured  David H. Messner)


The Mountain Staff with Board of Trustees and Mountain Endowment Board of Directors in 2018

Front row (L to R): Dave Hudson, Mtn Board, DeAnn Peterson, Mtn Board, Megan Quattlebaum, Program Director, KC Boyce, Mtn Board, Charles Lee, Board/Nominating Comm, Rachel Kinback, Guest Services, Nancy DeLux, Endowment Board, Beverly Cree, Endowment Board Chair, Zoe Hansen Burnet, Mtn Board, Nathalie Bigord, Mtn Board Chair, Penny Raney, Endowment Board. 2nd row (L to R):  Julia Jamieson, Guest Services, Sam Dobmeyer, Programs, Rob Marcy, Mtn Board, Justin Perry, Programs, Teresa Falzone, Finance Director, Gail Sphar, Mtn Board, Margi Milburn, Endowment Board, Dick Fencl, Endowment Board. Back row (L to R): Kit Hamblen, Mtn Board, Joey Kyle, Farm Manager, Miriam Witzl, Former Finance-HR, Kerry Keys, Mtn Board, Linda Sterner, Mtn Board Past Chair, Laurel Amabile, Development, Chris Breivogel, Mtn Board, Lee Reading, Mtn Board, Mark Gramlich, IT Staff.

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