Rachel Kinback

I first came to The Mountain in 2015 to be an Apprentice on the Many Hands Peace Farm. At that time, the Farm was still forming. I became smitten with the region’s land and water and knew that this was where I wanted to be. After that first season at The Mountain, I decided to move to Highlands fulltime. I committed myself to the roles of Guest Services at The Mountain from 2016-2021. This chapter of my life is rich with connection. What a gift it was to be at The Mountain each day to aid the facilitation of countless good works, programs, and gatherings. I was frequently inspired by all the medicine that The Mountain is able to provide a container for. I learned countless lessons, witnessed small miracles, and was continually supported by The Mountain’s ever ebbing and flowing community as I set down my roots in this place.

My goal as a Board Member is to stay in and continue to strengthen and expand the interconnected web of Mountain visitors, builders and dreamers. I know how it felt to be supported by Members of The Board of Trustees when I was on Staff, and it is my intention to return that service and help in bridging the collection of caring voices that seek to create a thriving Mountain for All.