Charles Sterner

I have attended various programs and recently worked at Mountain Camp for five years where I held various leadership roles including ASCENDER Mentor and Program Leader. Through these experiences I have met many strong leaders and hope to bring in a younger population to take on a greater leadership role within The Mountain and help the Board grow and thrive going forward. In addition to my activity with The Mountain,

I have gained strong leadership skills as an Eagle Scout, Youth Representative for the SUUSI Board and in my profession as an Athletic Trainer (Sports Medicine). These experiences have shaped my values and my work ethic. I am truly passionate about the work I have done and will give my all to anything I put my mind to. If I am elected, I will work hard to seek out the right people and bring them to the Nominating Committee, as well as learn about other nominees I do not know as well, so that the Board will best represent the needs and interests of those who call the Mountain their spiritual home.​

Finally, the values that I hold onto most are Accountability, Trust and Open- mindedness. I value my word, although many people may say this, I genuinely believe we are only as good as our word. I strive to be accountable for each action and to be honest with those I interact with. I will follow through, to the best of my ability, with anything I commit to and will be open to new ideas and thoughts. It is my goal to create a strong trusting relationship with everyone I work with and look forward to the opportunity to help with the Nominating Committee in any way I can.