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Gather to retreat in The Mountains

A Place For You

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An exemplary retreat, camp, and learning center that celebrates Unitarian Universalist principles,
inspires people of all ages, transforms lives,
and builds a more compassionate world.

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Join a Youth CON

Fall and Spring Dates

Youth Conventions or “CONs” are weekend long events planned by youth with adult support for youth from third grade to high school.  

We Provide Opportunities For


Through Camps and Programming

Enriching Lives

A Place for Making Connections and Memories To Last Generations

Creating Community

Through Service

and Renewal 

Celebrating Nature

Inspiring people to build inclusive, meaningful, sustainable communities throughout their lives 

Through Your Support, In the Past, Present and Future

Building a Legacy

We love bringing our retreats to The Mountain.

I think about the Mountain so often! The healing energy from the place, the real and genuine staff, and all the decades of compassionate work flow through the place and what we do and it feels just right. We are so grateful to you and what you all do! Thank you for the work around making such a place available and for the way you welcome people. I really like watching the change that starts to flow through them when they arrive!  

-Jane A. 

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