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Zenergy Yoga & Wellness Retreat 

October 23 - 25, 2022

This retreat offers you the space, time and energy to relax, release stress, and rebuild your body, mind and spirit to reconnect with your intuition. By stepping away from the noise of life, you are able to listen to your true soul's song and reach a balanced state of health, vibrance and tranquility.


Through yoga classes, massage, herbs, crystals, meditation, dance and somatic healing, you will leave feeling nourished and energetically charged. You will be in the presence of 25 other individuals undergoing their own personal transformations, and we will all create a nurturing and loving space to support each other. 

In our registration system you'll find:

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Select "Other Retreats", then select your "Zenergy Yoga & Wellness Retreat" package. 

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  • Program: October 23 - 25th,  2022 

  • Program Registration: Now Open 

  • Program Registration Deadline: October 1st, 2022

Lodging and Meals

Program Fees

After August 15th program fee will be $250 

Register on or before August 15, program fee will be $210 for a $40 savings

Housing Fees

Adult, double occupancy / shared room                                   ... $105 per night  

Adult, single occupancy / private room (limited availability)  ... $165 per night  

$15 if taking Sunday lunch before departure

Massage Add ons $111

Massage Options

This year we are thrilled to add a magical opportunity for you to BIG TIME sink into bliss during the retreat… private massages and energy work! We have three talented and unique practitioners who have a limited number of spots available throughout the weekend. There are only 13 spots available, so book now to secure your session with the practitioner of your choice. They each offer a unique style and expertise, including Thai Yoga Therapy, Energy Work and Custom Integrated Massage. All private sessions will be 50 minutes long and occur during break times on either Sunday or Monday. Jenni will reach out after you have registered for you to pick a time. First come first serve!

We will have the three options for massage. 

All private massages will be 50 minutes and occur during break times on either Sunday or Monday. Jenni will reach out after you have registered for you to pick a time. First come first serve!


Thai Yoga Therapy with Reg- 3 spots available

Reg taught the Thai Yoga Therapy Workshop at our last retreat, and this year we are honored to have him sharing with individual sessions! Thai Yoga Therapy utilizes three major techniques to bring healing to the body and focus the mind: stretching the muscles, joint and ligaments, massaging fascia, and tension release of acupressure points. A session with Reg will leave you with increased flexibility, range of motion, muscle tension release and leaves you in a state of yogic bliss!


Energy Work with Kember- 5 spots available

Kember has been an energy work practitioner for a decade where she incorporates a wide variety of techniques. She will asses energetic stagnation in your subtle body in relation to physical or emotional wounds. Energetic healing can also be used as a preventative to maintain fluidity and balance in the subtle body. Leave her healing session feeling like you’ve had a tune up, so you can tune in more deeply to yourself feeling renewed, fresh and connected within.


Custom Integrated Massage with Amy- 5 spots available

Amy has been a licensed massage therapist for 7 years and an esthetician for 16. Each intuitive massage is a unique experience, customized using integrated techniques, such as esalen, craniosacral and Swedish, to meet the needs of each individual body. Amy’s goal is to help create a safe space for self-healing and increasing awareness of the sacred connection between mind and body through deep relaxation.

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