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Tales from the Grove
A Concert & Dinner Event -
Inspired by The Mountain's Ancient Oak Forest

August 12th, 2022.     3 - 8pm

Join us on The Mountain to partake in the first performance of Tales from the Grove; an inspired musical composition. 

Being enchanted with the Mountain’s dwarf old-growth white oak forest, Terry Ashley combined her love of music and love of these oak trees to commission this composition debuting at The Mountain. 


The Tales from the Grove composition has five parts: Roots and Rain; Leaves and Branches; The Trees and Owls Stargazing; Scherzo- Mycelium Music; and Tree Spirits and Wind: A Love Story. This performance will take place in The Mountain's Treehouse; a second-floor conference room with large windows overlooking the ancient oaks.

Please purchase a ticket to attend this event.


If you plan on staying over on The Mountain during this event (11-13th) please use the below link as well, to book your housing and meals for your stay. If staying over night, please only purchase a concert ticket as meals are included in your housing package.

For commuters just experiencing

Friday's concert and optional dinner, use the link above for tickets.

Or call the office at (828) 526-5838 to book your accommodations

if you plan to extend your stay overnight. 



  • A Tour of the Ancient Oak Grove

  • Geology of the area by Bill Jacobs 

  • Dinner at The Mountain (optional)

Live Local Musical Performance by

An original composition for piano and bassoon

Amber Ferenz Spuller

Living our Mountain Core Values

The UU Principle, “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part” is an integral part of Mountain experiences and opportunities.  As an ecologically-conscious retreat and learning center located on 4,200 foot high granite cliffs on the Eastern Continental Divide in the Blue Ridge Mountains, we offer a unique opportunity to learn about and enjoy the ecology and geology of the area.  Perched on the Eastern edge of the Highlands Plateau, this temperate rainforest includes an Old Growth Oak Forest, one of the oldest in the U.S. 


Our four ecosystems with the highest floral and fauna diversity in North America have nurtured multiple cultures including the Cherokee Nation. Acknowledging the privilege of being part of this special environment, there is a responsibility as stewards of The Mountain. Embracing the multitude of learning opportunities, we are enthusiastically offering a variety of events and practices for adults and youth to learn about the significance of our earth’s interdependent web.   

We are engaged in collaborating with other local organizations to provide events; networking with community leaders to share information and resources; providing workshops about farming, foraging and our relationship with food.  


Participants in Mountain programs as well as residents in our wider community are encouraged to engage in these learning opportunities. Our farm or foraging tours, farm dinners, mushroom workshops, Farm Camp, the Fall Farm Festival, enjoying sunrise and sunset over the mountains, appreciating the stars and meteor showers in these dark skies, are examples of how we support learning about and respecting the interdependent web.

During This Event 

Amber Ferenz Spuller is a bassoonist, composer, and a member of the Asheville Symphony and the Greensboro Symphony. As a shaman and a healer, Amber, as well as Terry, believe that the ancient oak grove is a spiritual place. 


In addition to the concert in honor of these ancient trees, the program will include a presentation by geologist, Bill Jacobs; author of Whence These Special Places -The Geology of Cashiers, Highlands & Panthertown. He will enlighten us about the geology of these mountains, among the oldest in the world. Freeman Owle, Cherokee educator, will discuss the significance of this mountaintop for the Cherokee peoples. There will be a tour of the ancient white oak grove and dinner as we continue getting acquainted and enjoying the trees. 


Due to our preservation of these ancient oaks, In May 2021, The Mountain was inducted into the Old-Growth Forest Network. This is the only national network in the U.S. of protected, old-growth, native forests where people of all generations can experience biodiversity and the beauty of nature.


The trees here have their roots spread across granite cliffs and show the effects of the harsh environment through their small, gnarled forms. Their stunted forms are resilient toward the intense winds that shear across the mountain bald. These trees have been dated to 400 and 500 years old by Clemson University dendrologists. This old-growth forest is approximately 10 acres and is protected as part of our environmental stewardship initiative. The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center, with four eco-systems, is an environmentally focused retreat center at the top of Little Scaly Mountain.


Consider extending your stay at The Mountain for a few days before or after this event. Hike the Nantahala forest trails, explore local waterfalls, and enjoy this natural environment with the view of Blue Valley and the dark sky with incredible stars.

Overnight Accommodations

Click here If you plan on staying during this event (11-13th)

Or call the office at (828) 526-5838 to book your accommodations

3 Days / 2 Nights double occupancy with meals   ....$210

Singles are $310 for two nights.


Terry has taken several photographs of the dwarf oaks and created beautiful cards, which are for sale in The Mountain gift shop or online

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