SUUFI – Southern UU Fall Institute

Reconvene & Rejoice

10th Annual Southern UU Fall Institute

Change--Make the Most of It

October 10 - 15, 2021

Why Attend SUUFI 2021…?

To get some R&R at The Mountain. 

Reconvene & Rejoice with us!

Safely "be" with others following CDC/NC protocols. Engage in Meaningful Conversations and Playfulness. Enjoy Program Elements built by Storyteller David Novak, Educator Rita Brodnax, Entertainers Friction Farm, and numerous workshops by talented folks like you.

Enjoy the Autumn cool and color at 4200’ above sea level.

Fantastic (40 mile) vista of mountains and National Forests.

Hiking and excursions.

Really good food—vegan, vegetarian, and traditional.

Renewed relationships and community.

No traffic, a break from “e-obsession”, no hassle.

Feeling of “soaring”—you're at peace, at “home”!

Multiple opportunities to learn, experience, grow and relax via theme talks, workshops, hikes, social time, alone time, and entertainment for 6 days and 5 nights at 4200’ elevation in Autumn color and coolness in a temperate rainforest at 4200’ elevation.  

Registration is open: now!

Register early for 2021–because 2019 sold out!

In our registration system, select Other Retreats, then select your SUUFI Package

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What past guests want you to know:  

“If you need to recharge your life, bring your spirit and learn techniques to carry you forward in life—attend SUUFI!  And it all happens at The Mountain.”

Creating this fun will be David Novak, Dr. Rita Brodnax, & Friction Farm…!!!—and you!!!
As we Reconvene and Rejoice, we’ll observe CDC protocols and pace the programming.
SUUFI 2021 will take a more relaxed approach--more ways to mix, mingle, chat, and
renew connections (safely and with Covid Best Practices), yet with ample offerings of
workshops, play-shops, time in nature, etc.

A variety of workshops, stimulating discussions, off-site trips, and guided hikes.
Morning worship, evening entertainment, great food, & excellent conversations.
SUUFIMART for those who crafted some treasures and want to sell them to us.
Of course: yoga, naps, relaxing, reading, and rocking—all part of the R&R.


  • Early Bird discount  registration deadline: August 7, 2021 (applies to 6 day / 5 night package only, and balance must be paid in full by 8/6/20)

  • Program: October 10 - 15 , 2021

  • Registration opens: Now

  • Registration deadline: October 1, 2021 (wait lists will develop and accommodation choices will become limited)


Enroll now!!! Seriously, only 26 more spaces are available...! 34 already enrolled...!!!
(Current CDC capacity limits are 75% of total, so current max is 60 participants.)
Secure your reunion at The Mountain.


Early Bird Discount:

Secure $25 Early Bird Discount on each 6 day/5-night

packages if registered on or before August 7th, 2021.

Registration Fee includes

  • Lodging

  • Meals

  • Use of assigned facilities

  • All program activities and most workshops.

  • (Premium workshop may require a small materials fee.)

Registration is restricted to adults (18+)

Lodge, Emerson, and Walden: These accommodations are Double Occupancy only and reserved for those paying 6 day/5-night packages, costing $665/p or $640/p with Early Bird Discount.

Cabins 1-4, Cabins 8-12, Riley, and Milestone accommodations:


6 day/5-night packages-- $615/p. Private room available for $175 more.

5 day/4-night packages-- $515/p. Private room available for $140 more.

4 day/3-night packages-- $410/p. Private room available for $105 more.

3 day/2-night packages-- $299/p. Private room available for $70 more.

Bunkhouses 12-19 accommodations have no private room options and offer savings: 

Save $5 per night reserving bed in bunkhouse with shared bath. Max will be 4, each in a single, lower bed. Private rooms not available in bunkhouses.

Commuter Rates: Evening Program = $25/n/p. Dinner+Evening = $45/n/p. All Day = $89/p/day.

Want to offer a workshop or program element…?

Become a Workshop Leader. We depend on talented folks (like you!) to offer them.  This keeps costs down and grows personal connections. To share your passions/talents/stories, contact Phil Sterner (336-406-3926 or to work out the details.
Come out and play together. Register now…!!! Spread the word!  (Get vaccinated!)

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