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Sacred Humor - 

Seeing Humor in Spirituality & Spirituality in Humor 

A Virtual Zoom-Based Experience -

Receive the Ho-Ho-Holy wisdom of Guru MayaYo’Mama and become enlightened by learning how to lighten up! 

May 21 at 7:00-7:45 PM EST

Guru Sue-Anne is "ecstatically funny!" so it is worth registering yourself and friends early or late…!  All proceeds benefit The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center.


Learn the importance of using Mental Floss each day to prevent Truth decay and taking a daily laughsative to prevent humorhoids.  


Sue-Anne Solem plays the part of “Guru MayaYo’Mama”, received absurdification from the great Swami Beyond-Ananda, and is now fooly realized. 


You will not learn to levitate, but you will learn how to use levity to rise above life’s gravity.  After all, we do not need to be grave before the grave, do we?  


Humor has both spiritual and physical benefits.  It has been shown that laughing dilates the blood vessels, and we all know it is better to die late than die soon.  Learn that you, too, are Guru, because, Gee, youU aRe yoU! 

In our registration system, select Other Retreats then select Sacred Humor.

If you would like any assistance with your registration please call The Mountain at 828.526.5838 and our staff will register you over the phone. 

Image by Jamie Brown

Sue-Anne (aka Guru MayaYo’mama) is a retired elementary school Gifted Education Specialist, now specializing in using her talents in new ways that delight and educate.  She sings and composes music with Jewelsong, a quartet in the Triangle Area who have been performing their original music almost 20 years.  As well, members of Jewelsong have had a deep connection with The Mountain through their participation in the bi-annual Womenspirit;  teaching workshops, performing, and serving on the planning committee.   Sue-Anne has led Sacred Humor workshops at Womenspirit, and Guru MayaYo’Mama has appeared several times at Cabaret night.

Seriously, what makes Sue-Anne so good at this so-called “spiritual humor”?  Well, after deep studies toward becoming a fooly realized humor being,  she received her absurdification  from the great Swami Beyond-Ananda, (aka Steve Baerman, comedian).  She is now fooly qualified to give spiritual advice as Guru MayaYo’Mama.


Sue-Anne Solem is doing this performance pro bono, as are Phil and Linda Sterner who help promote, coordinate, and produce it with Staff at The Mountain.


  • Program is online. Join the fun from the comfort of your home on May 21 at 7:00- 7:45 pm ET.

  • Bring your own popcorn and beverage!

  • Reward yourself on this Friday after a long week. Enjoy belly laughs and smiles.


Early Registration Cost is $8 per person —if you register by April 30.

“Seats” become $10 per person beginning 5/1 until 5/21.

Additionally, donations are welcome and will go to keeping our paid Staff in their roles while Covid-19 had reduced The Mountain revenues drastically--65+% lower than 2019-in both 2020 and 2021…!


See you on

The Mountain

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