Regaining Balance In Rapidly Changing Times

- A Virtual Learning Series as a Mountain Program

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Feeling…Rattled? In-shock? Unsettled? Confused?

Struggling with maintaining your mental and emotional equilibrium? You are not alone!

  •  Indeed, we are living in a time of unprecedented change. Some say it’s like being on a “teeter-totter” trying to keep our balance so we do not fall or fail.

  •  To be sure, it is challenging to maintain our mental and emotional equilibrium.

  • It is also a struggle to figure out which strategies and behaviors are the best match with what we know about ourselves and our disposition.

Join us! Yes, there are answers and solutions:

  • Learn about the most up-to-date practices and mindsets that contribute to maintaining mental and emotional balance in rapidly changing times.

  • Identify which strategies and behaviors best match you and your style and personality.

  • Learn how to use the ‘neuroscience of homeostasis’ and other research-based strategies to maintain your well-being and balance in chaotic times.


Dr. Rita Brodnax, neuroscience expert, education leader, and OLLI presenter. 

Rita will present this program and help you navigate 2021 with new skills and enjoyment.

Rita brings sellout successes at our 2018 and 2019 Southern UU Fall Institutes and several 2020 virtual

programs. She utilizes her vast educational experience and leadership, her expertise in human growth,

and her love of life. You will cherish her slideshow and return to her tips often after the program.

Rita is donating her time, materials, and content pro bono to assure the sustainability in these challenging times of The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center, Highlands, NC.

Dr. Rita Brodnax


Dr. Brodnax earned her doctorate from Indiana University in educational leadership and applying brain research to teaching, learning and communication. Dr. Rita Brodnax has had culturally diverse and in-depth experiences in the education field as a teacher, administrator, professional development coordinator, dean, assistant superintendent, superintendent, university faculty, and consultant. Dr. Brodnax has trained thousands of teachers and administrators and worked with hundreds of schools in urban, rural, and suburban areas. Dr. Brodnax’s interest and passion for applying brain research to teaching and learning started decades ago when she began teaching and wanted to reach every single one of her students and not just most of them. She pursued brain research with the hope of finding out how to be more successful with all students. She found powerful and definite answers about how to use her own brain better and how to help others do the same.


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Registration is OPEN.

  • Registration deadline: There is no registration deadline and you can feel free to sign up even in the midst of the program. 


  • Who: Anyone 25 years old to 100+ and especially ideal for 50 or older.

Program Cost

  • Program Fee: $55 for 5 sessions. Invest in yourself! Join via Zoom, engage with our community, and receieve program materials. Come early at 2:30 pm ET to meet others and expand your connections. Stay afterwards for a 30-minute Q&A.

  • The program fee is dedicated to Staff Salaries at The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center (Highlands, NC). Session Presenters are acting pro bono to sustain The Mountain in these challenging times. 

  • Donations are certainly welcome. To contribute to The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center via the button below or sending a check to The Mountain, P.O Box 1299, Highlands, NC 28741


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