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Let It Shine - A Digital Album By Lee Knight

Let It Shine - A Digital Album By Lee Knight



  • About this digital album:

    You will receieve an email link to downlaod the 12 track digital copy of Lee Knight's first album featuring many of his Appalachian inspired camp songs. Classic songs enjoyed by MountainCamp that he sang with campers and councilors at The Mountain for over 35 years. 


    Lee Knight's 1985 first recorded album, originally premiered on cassette tape. One clean copy of a CD was made and then digitized at The Mountain. Inspired by the overwhelmingly positive response to a recent digital concert. Lee wanted to share these high quality recordings with the Mountain family. 


    Lee Knight worked at The Mountain in the summer throughout The Mountain’s history as a councilor in the early 80’s. Becoming a treasured guest and performer for many camp events. 

    The two woman he sings with on this album he first met at SUUSI. 


    Track List

    1) Well May The World Go 
    2) Gordon's Song - a song about Lee and one of his best friends Gordon, who he is still friends with today.

    3) Cares of Tomorrow - an old Scottish song 

    4) Sailing Ships 

    5) John Riley - a traditional Adirondack song from Great Britain

    6) Candles To The Wind 

    7). Sometimes I Win - a most requested sing along 

    8) Barbra's Song - based on a true story

    9)  Waterbound - a traditional song of North Carolina he learned while working on the Hudson 

    10) Cowboy Heroes - a song of healing and recovery

    11) The Bells - a famous MountainCamp song 

    12). Seamen's Song - a traditional song of peace

    Lee wanted all proceeds of this album to go to The Mountain. 

    Thank you Lee for your stories, kindness, laughter, smiles and friendship to The Mountain. 























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