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Hand-Stuffed Herbal Teas

Hand-Stuffed Herbal Teas





Our hand-picked, hand-stuffed herbal tea blends are made from ethically-harvested, wild and cultivated medicinal herbs sourced from Many Hands Peace Farm on Little Scaly Mountain. We craft each bag of tea with love and intention, with the vision of healing our mindbodies with Nature's perfect medicines.

*Sereni-tea (Lemon balm, catnip, mugwort, and fennel seed) -- a nighttime blend perfect for calming your bodymind for a good night's sleep and sweet dreams.


*Vitali-tea  (Roasted dandelion roots)-- a smooth tea that is great for digestion and a great coffee substitute.

*Mintali-tea  (Chocolate,sweet, and spear mints)-- A cooling blend for revitalized mind and body. 

Each package of tea comes with 5 teabags, each of which can be used 2-3 times.