Prelude to Music Week 2021

Join the fun online during our Prelude to Music Week

Tuesdays from 2 to 3 PM Eastern time on March 2, 9, 16, and 23, 2021

Friction Farm (Christine Stay and Aidan Quinn) invite you to a 4-part series they will lead on song writing.


All levels of writers are welcome, as well as those interested in writing in a lyric form for the first time. You will learn a variety of techniques to tap into your creativity and shape your ideas as we explore the creative process together. These sessions will provide a solid foundation upon which to build when Music Week returns. 

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Each session builds on the last but also stands alone, so attendance is preferred but not required. Along the way Christine and Aidan will share the why and how of each weekly exercise. These are hands-on sessions with a little homework. Sessions are intentionally small so we can engage fully with each participant, working with your personal creative strengths and challenges.

Registration is limited so please do not wait. Spread this good news with others. Bring a friend, as this is open to the public. See you on March  2nd if you enroll now.

Christine and Aidan can be reached at if you should have any questions about this workshop series. Learn more about Friction Farm at


Aidan and Christine’s weekly focus will cover:


March 2nd:  Facing the Blank Page

This session is designed to jump start your creative process and dispel the anxiety of facing the blank page.  We will discuss the benefits of writing, for yourself and for others, and we will explore the science of creativity. But mostly we will write. Together we will do several fun writing exercises that build upon one another, opening creative passageways and dissolving fears.


March 9th:  Reining in Your Creativity

While the 1st session helped you find your creativity, be free with ideas, have fun with words, this segment will harness that creativity and give it some structure. Imposing restrictions on your free expression is actually a useful tool. Now, we will write to specific structures and constraints, exploring how that effects our creative thought. We will identify methods to refine and focus your creativity without restricting.


March 16th:  The Paradox of Parody

Melodic and rhythmic writing also begins with the dreaded blank page. Parody allows us to flex different writing muscles. Beyond parody, using existing forms and even existing songs provides a structural example and changes our relationship to the words. We can quickly hear how different tempos, rhyme schemes, or keys effect the presentation of an idea.


March 23rd:  Let's Hear It

The final session is sharing work, deep supportive listening with a gentle critique. We share work in all of its forms, just words, lyrics and melody, done, halfway there, just started. We will use a proven technique of eliciting constructive comments in a kind and respectful way.


  • The Workshops are Tuesday at 2-3 pm ET

  • From March 2 to March 23 via Zoom. 

Our Full Music Week Program is to be arranged in the second half of 2021, - Covid Dependent

  • The modest cost of $40 for all 4 workshops will go to The Mountain.

        If financial assistance is needed, call Phil Sterner at 336-406-3926 for consideration.

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