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SUUSI Pre and Post Stayovers

Join us on The Mountain!

July 16th and 24th, 2022

Looking for a place to rest before the start of SUUSI, or a way to quietly come down and integrate your week of community fun? The Mountain is here for you! 

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  • Program: Before and After SUUSi (July 17-23)

  • Registration Open Now



Reservation Fee includes

  • Lodging

  • Meals

  • Use of assigned facilities

Package Prices:

Adult double occupancy, 1-2 night options available

  • $60/night 

Adult single occupancy, 1-2 night options available (private room)

              *amount of private rooms may to subject to limited capacity

  • $120/night

Youth Rates: 

  • 0 - 3           No Charge 

  • 4 - 11         $20/night 

  • 12 - 17       $35/night  

* all youth under 18 years are to be housed with and chaperoned at all times by an accompanying adult

See you on

The Mountain

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