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From My Virtual Office Working for The Mountain in Development:

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Hi all!  Just wanting to communicate that on behalf of The Mountain, we feel so much gratitude for the continuing generosity of our far reaching community including the many newer folks, who have opened their wallets for The Mountain during this pandemic. My principal responsibility is to carefully record your donations and email your receipt letters and so I do get to offer my thanks that way. Truly, I'm moved by the love each of you shows for The Mountain with your many acts of giving and sustaining us through our own time of financial challenge.

I'm aware many of you are also going through all kinds of challenges, including financial, yourselves. I hope you and your families will make it through and be OK in the end. It's hard work!  Please take a moment, close your eyes, form your lips into a smile, take a gentle deep break, then pat yourself on the back and/or give yourself a big hug. Feel it coming from your Mountain community. We would love to see you when the time is right for you to come up for a program, like the upcoming, Better World Week, or for a personal retreat, including getting glimpses of you for one of our virtual learning program series. We miss you here!

At this time I also wish to salute all of our staff and volunteers for working so hard here and at home during the pandemic. I have been able to witness some of these efforts in person when I have come and in many zoom meetings and the many videos I've seen on Facebook and on Youtube. I am so grateful to be working for The Mountain and wish to especially compliment both my boss, Matt DeMond, and my fellow teammate, Tanner Csonka, who have worked so hard and so creatively in Development and beyond, for The Mountain's well-being. And I think I'm going to start a fan club for Rachel!! You may know her well but she wears so many 'hats' for The Mountain, both visible and invisible to folks, and they all look beautiful on her!!  My feeling is that pitching in together we will come through this and that our community will even be stronger. Thank you for engaging with us and being part of this community effort!  <3  

There are MANY ways to engage, click on   and then peruse our UPCOMING EVENTS (which include our virtual offerings), OUR FARM, and GIVING (for so many options!)  If nothing else, if you do happen to shop online with Amazon please go to  and set up your account to reflect The Mountain Retreat & Learning Center to be your non-profit beneficiary.  (Just click on this link for simple directions on how to do this: )    Once you have set up it's done and we will receive a tiny amount of your purchase price.  NOTE: You always will need to be sure your browser URL shows you connected to Amazon with the word ' smile'  in it. I just put the words "amazon smile"  in my browser line and it takes me there. You don't have to link The Mountain up to Amazon Smile more than your initial time. That makes me SMILE.  :-)

Please reach out to me if I can help you with a question about any of the above, or about Membership, or your giving history. I can even help with memorial memberships or legacy plans if you are considering those options.  828.342.0546 or 

With my thanks, and a big Mountain hug to you all,

Bonnie Gramlich

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