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Beverly Cree Appointed as Acting Executive Director

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Fellow Mountain Supporters, I am delighted to announce that your Board of Trustees has appointed Beverly Cree as Acting Executive Director of The Mountain effective October 16. Beverly has a long history of leadership at The Mountain, having served for six years on each of the Board of Trustees and the Mountain Endowment Board (including serving as President of the Endowment Board) alongside her many years of service as a volunteer and participant in many Mountain programs over more than 30 years. Before retiring, Beverly spent her career researching and teaching childhood development and psychology. Among other degrees, she holds a PhD in Human Development and Family Studies. Beverly has begun working alongside Ted, enabling us to have an orderly transition in the work of The Mountain. Additionally, the Board has started the search process for permanent leadership, with more information to come as available.  Please join me in welcoming and supporting Beverly in her new role. With gratitude for your involvement in The Mountain,

KC Boyce Chair, Board of Trustees

Greetings to All Who Know and Care About The Mountain, Although the request to serve The Mountain in this time of transition was not expected as part of my life journey, I am embracing this opportunity.  It is a time of looking forward to working with others affiliated with The Mountain, the staff, the Mountain and Endowment Boards, and the many new people who will be connecting with The Mountain in the future.    Together we will create the next chapter for our beloved Mountain.

With appreciation and anticipation, Beverly

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