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Annual Letter

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

We truly hope you and your family are well and will remain so throughout this pandemic. As you may not be aware of what is going on here, we want you to know our good news: Your Mountain thrives!

Despite program and retreat cancellations, our sanctuary continues to pay staff as well as repair and improve our facilities. We're writing to remind you what a wonderful resource that The Mountain still is! We have had glowing reviews from our recent guests attending for personal retreats and for our online learning offerings. Our vision here is to be an exemplary retreat that inspires people of all ages to build a more connected and compassionate world.  Our campus exists to serve YOU! 

These past six months here at The Mountain have been a true roller coaster of emotions while we explore and manage some very different new daily routines. The overwhelming outpouring of support from our beloved Mountain family has carried us through troubled waters and into a brighter tomorrow. This would NOT have been possible if it wasn't for the love, care, and kindness of countless individuals rallying behind us and giving us the extra push we need to survive the impact of Covid-19’s effects on our operation. We are thankful! However, it doesn't mean we are out of the woods yet due to continuing cancellations and our scheduled programs being in jeopardy. It's critical we continue to explore every avenue that can help The Mountain stay strong.

Join us in our work of fostering an appreciation of the natural world by contributing to a sustainable, meaningful community that honors the interconnectedness of all. Your gifts help The Mountain provide the most memorable and meaningful experiences possible. Your support allows our committed team of talented individuals to continue to strive to enrich the lives of youth and adults every day. Your gifts also enable current needs, opportunities, and growth projects to be addressed. And your contributions make an immediate impact on urgently needed renovations and program funding. If you wish, you may specify your gift for a particular department or need within The Mountain, such as the Lee Knight Campership Fund or Cabin Renovations. As our world advances into the future, The Mountain remains a steady resource for you. We are committed to sharing timeless traditions of love, peace, harmony and connection for all. We do this for you, for your loved ones, for every person yet to share in The Mountain's bounty. We invite you to support our existence and our possibilities with your contribution today if you are able and willing to do so. It will impact our tomorrow and the good work that is being done at The Mountain. Right here. Right now. Together. We can do this!

You may make a contribution online by going to HERE Or you could just mail us a check to PO Box 1299 Highlands NC 28741. Thank you!

We hope to get to see you up at The Mountain soon, even if for a personal retreat. Call the office for details. 828.526.5838. Our next online learning series begins September 23rd, weekly for six weeks:

“Understand White Privilege and How to be an Anti-Racist.” You can learn more and register on the website. Check out our current calendar of events and send us suggestions for future online course offerings, or create your own The Mountain is here for you.

With sincere gratitude, and with hope for all,

Matthew DeMond, Development Ted Wisniewski, Director

828.526.5838x254 828.526.5838x222

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