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Planning Your Next Retreat

For more information, give us a call (828) 526-5838 or complete our Retreat Inquiry Request form.

Step 1: Availability

Call us to discuss available dates. Be prepared to answer these questions:

  • Desired dates

  • Anticipated number of participants

  • Meeting space needs

Step 2: Facilities and Services

  • The Mountain Staff will work with with you identify the best lodging and meeting facilities  options for your event

  • Mobility Issues – We have a several accessible lodging areas.  All buildings are accessible via ramps

  • We will discuss other Mountain services such as our ropes course, evening fire rings, social hours, etc.

  • There are also a number of services in the Mountain area that may enhance your event.  Please discuss those off Mountain opportunities with our Sales team.

Step 3: Dining and Food Service

  • We are keen to ensure there is proper attention to dietary needs of your event participants

  • Dietary restrictions (food allergies, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc)

  • Discuss with our Sales team dietary needs of your event participants

Step 4: Rates

  • Rates can include lodging, meals, meeting space(s)

  • Based on amount of participants, season, and availability

  • Based on per night room occupancy; double or single private room

  • Please contact our Sales Representative for specific rates

  • Select Sales Team from the dropdown list on our Contact Us page

Step 5: Contract and Deposit

  • Once we have discussed event details with you, we will send a contract to you specifying  agreed upon dates, rates, accommodations and space requirements.

  • When a signed contract is returned with a deposit (typically $200 – $500), the reservation is completed

Step 6: Co-Marketing

  • The Mountain will list, unless otherwise noted,  your event on our Events Calendar

  • We will also include  your event in our eNewletter, Mountain Matters

  • Our eNewsletter has a circulation of over over 6,000 subscribers who are predominantly located in a convenient geographic radius to The Mountain

 Step 7: Registration Options

  • We can offer Online Registration through our partner registration website

  • Our online registration is best used for events with individual registration requirements

  • The online registration website allows event participants to register themselves or others, collect payments and collect roommate preferences for double occupancy rooms

  • For conference events that do not require individual registration, The Mountain staff will work with your Event Coordinator in the registration of event participants

  • Your may also use your own website to collect registration information

 Step 8: Event Arrival

  • Our Mountain Guest Services provides check-in services for your event attendees

  • Our Mountain Guest Services is also available during business hours to support your participants needs

  • For large events, we also can provide a designed Mountain Host to assistance your event leadership team so they can make the best use of our Mountain facility and services

  • Also discuss our Mountain Airport Shuttle service with our Sales Team.  This service MUST be arranged in advance

Step 9: Other Services to Consider

Please consider integrating your event program with some of our Mountain programming services.

Step 10: Enjoy The Mountain!

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