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NOW, NOW Camp!


August 18 - 21, 2022

you ever feel tired? tired of the pressure to always be moving forward? tired of the fight? you ever just want to go home? to return to yourself?

yeah, us too.

we believe in the revolution AND we believe we gotta rest so that we can do the damn thing. the word radical, it comes from the word root. and sometimes we gotta water those roots so that we can grow stronger.

let's be radical.

Registration via the NOW NOW School Website 


it’s ok if you’ve forgotten the way. we are the place to remember.

we want to feel good. we want to make meaning. we want to be present. now, now means remembering. now, now means joyful, purposeful community to guide you back to your center. through daily group conversation, mindfulness + embodiment practices, nature and arts-integrated exploration, we come home.

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the scoop.

Thursday arrivals thru Sunday departures — that’s three nights of lodging at The Mountain in the mountains of Highlands, NC. 

if you need single occupancy, we have limited spots to serve that, or bunk with a NOW, NOW friend in a double-trouble suite primed for late-night shenanigans!
what else, you ask? oh, there will be plenty to do! 
experiences centering on mindfulness, embodiment, nature immersion and art integration (how could we create a thing that didn't hold our heart?)..

there will also be daily group learning, morning yoga, a four course farm-to-table meal, a collective art project, a group talent show, a leave-your-legs-tired-and-your-heart-full dance party, complimentary mini-portrait sessions by Yan and Rachel, complimentary poetry-induced tears by Adrienne, long hikes, even longer floats, and so much more! 

all there for you to take (or to leave) at your own soul's discretion.

starts at $1500

travel not included.

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