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NDPC Men's Retreat 2023

Best Retreat Ever

APRIL 21-23, 2023

Men of NDPC will enjoy a weekend of fellowship and spiritual growth.



North Decatur Presbyterian is an inter-generational Christian community that worships, learns, and serves together. Children and adults sing, read Scripture, grow as disciples of Jesus, explore theological mysteries, expand our faith, engage in activism for justice, and witness God’s love in our own relationships.


Program: April 21 - 23, 2023

Registration Deadline: March 31, 2023

Registration Open


3 day / 2 night Adult Double occupancy (shared room)      $220.00 


3 day / 2 night Adult Multiple occupancy (Bunkhouse)       $180.00 

3 day / 2 night Adult Single occupancy (no roommate)       $340.00 

Commuter rate includes meals (no lodging)                           $85.00

In our registration system you'll find:

"Church Retreats" |  "MountainCamp" | "Other Retreats" | "Youth CONs"


Select "Church Retreats", then select your "NDCP Men's Retreat 2023" package

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The Mountain

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