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Mountain Virtual Academy Support 

Virtual School Support & Outdoor Education

Aug 24 - Oct 15

8am - 3:30 pm, Monday through Thursday.

For 4-8th Graders

Face-to-face school support for families choosing a virtual curriculum. 

Staff will support children enrolled in their chosen public or private virtual school curriculum and extracurricular activities offered by The Mountain. Students will get support in the morning from staff on their virtual curricula, homework due dates and schedules. At midday, students will have lunch and some playtime, followed by humanities learning at 1pm. Pickup is between 3:30 and 4:00. 

In our registration system, select Other Retreats then select the "Mountain Virtual Academy" program.

Mountain Virtual Academy

Who Can Sign Up?

This program is for families in the Highlands area with children entering 4th-8th grade who will be attending school virtually for the first 8 weeks of the 2020-2021 school year.


What Does The Day Look Like?

Morning classes will follow the families’ chosen school curriculum and classes. Staff will help students access and time manage their classes, and provide some assistance as needed. 

We will all break for lunch (which students will be asked to bring with them along with any snacks), followed by a little free time. 

In the afternoon, Mountain Staff will offer a variety of life skills and creative classes, including cooking, canoeing and other sports, carving, construction skills, farm sciences, arts & crafts and music. 

As a collaborative initiative additional classes may be offered as the community desires. 

What About Supplies?

The fee includes the cost of general supplies. Some classes, such as cooking, may require a small additional contribution. 

School supplies and computers for the first part of the day, however, should be supplied by the school (or yourself) as per their requirements. 

When & Where Do We Meet?

Monday - Thursday from 8am to 3:30pm at The Mountain, 3872 Dillard Road, Highlands.

Pick-up will be between 3:30 and 4:00. We will follow the Holiday schedule of The Highlands School.

How Much Does It Cost?

Enrollment is $30 per child, per day, totaling $960. Families are required to pay a $300 deposit towards the full 8-week fee in advance. Some financial assistance and payment plans may be available. 

The Mountain is exploring a cooperative model that would lower the price per family as more students enroll. This will be examined for the following 8-week quarter. 

Costs are fully tax deductible as these are education costs and The Mountain is a non-profit organization. Depending on your income level and tax bracket you could get around 30% of this fee back in taxes not paid. 

What Are The Health Protocols?

Upon arrival there will be daily temperature checks and physical distancing. There are 16 hand-washing sinks available around property along with hand-sanitizer. Routine disinfection of community spaces is already happening. 

Masks will be required when indoors and for outdoor activities where physical distancing is not possible.

When participating in activities where a mask can interfere with breathing, like playing soccer outdoors, we are looking to CDC guidelines and state officials for their recommendations. 

For The Mountain’s full COVID procedures, please visit our Health Measures Page.

What About Food?

For the first 8-week session students will be required to bring their own lunch and snacks. The Mountain is looking into offering a quality lunch for the second and future 8-week sessions.

How Do We Join?

Contact The Mountain directly at 828-526-5838 or email for more information or register yourself through our online portal below. 

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