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What If I am Arriving Late?


As much as we encourage you to arrive during the check-in window (typically 3-6pm) we understand that sometimes life happens and schedules can get delayed.


If you will be arriving after check-in ends, we ask that you do the following:

  1. Call The Mountain at 828.526.5838 before 5pm to let us know when to expect your arrival. 

  2. When you arrive on site go directly to The Main Office, there will be signage to direct you. There you will find a welcome packet waiting for you in the window box.

  3. Your welcome packet will inform you where your room is located. There will be a map highlighting for you how to get there. 

  4. Check-in to your cabin. (There are no keys, your space will be open and ready for you.)

  5. You may also find your program's schedule in the welcome packet. If evening programming is underway you may join your follow retreatees and find your way using the map provided. 

  6. In the morning please locate Mountain Staff at the Main Office and let us know that you arrived safely. 

If you have any trouble at all with this process you can reach a Staff member after hours by dialing ext. 205 or 222 on a Mountain phone.


A Mountain land-line phone is located in the same window box where you will find your welcome packet, just outside the Main Office door.


You may also use a cell phone to dial 828.526.5838 ext. 205 or 222

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