Cultivating Inner Stillness - Integrative Reflexology Certification 

This Event is Currently Canceled 

Explore breathwork and sound healing with professional healers Tracey Moon, LMBT and Sharon Nash, M.A. 

March 18-20, 2020

In this foundational 3-day certification course students will learn the basic hands-on techniques of foot, hand, and ear reflexology through the 4-theory integrated approach to reflexology:  structural integration; meridians; zones and psychoneuroimmunology.   This innovative whole-hand approach is gentle on the thumbs and fingers and the practitioners body.

In this training students will learn:

  • How to give and receive a full 60 minute foot reflexology session and a 30 minute spa reflexology session. An integrative reflexology approach with an easy to learn protocol

  • Foot soaks and the therapeutic applications

  • History and 4 theories of reflexology

  • Anatomy, muscles and actions of the feet

  • Proper body mechanics for ease on the reflexologist’s body

  • Factors that contribute to health and balance

  • Cautions and contraindications for reflexology

  • How to market reflexology and integrate into your work as an add-on service or a full session

  • Morning sessions includes lecture in theory, anatomy and hands-on demonstrations and afternoon sessions include practical hands-on instruction

  • At end of training student will be able to perform a full hand, ear and foot reflexology session, immediately being able to integrate into their work.

 For information and registration please visit their website bellow:

  • Program: March 18-20, 2020