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2024 Climate Justice Summit

April 28 - May 3, 2024

Join with us as we bring together a diverse set of leaders, activists, artists, educators, and facilitators in the areas of environmental justice, climate science, public policy, and community organizing.

Throughout the week we will engage in conversations about global climate change and pragmatic responses -- individually, regionally, and globally.

Come be a part of this dialogue and gather with other engaged participants and experts working to solve complex problems with tangible strategies.

It's a great opportunity to lend your voice to the conversation and learn from the lived experience of others who are taking on this monumental work.

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The program will begin Sunday at 5:00, ending Friday after lunch.
While it is expected that everyone participating in the Climate Justice Summit will share knowledge and experience, program facilitators will include the following:

Brad Warren has expertise in climate science and does work with front line communities experiencing exploitation related to climate change. This includes work with Indigenous peoples and addressing waterway issues.

Ricardo Levins Morales is immersed in models of community organizing efforts, activism, and mentorship at many levels. He is a leader in a worker collective, using art to tell the story and inspire people to action, moving from hope to commitment.

Joe Jencks is a songwriter and performer, whose music enlightens and inspires. His lyrics include environmental and social justice topics. As a facilitator of in-depth conversation about these topics, Joe supports learning and engagement in this work.

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Program: April 28 - May 3, 2024

Registration Deadline: April 14, 2024

Registration open now!


6 day / 5 night Adult Single occupancy (no roommate)       $1025.00

6 day / 5 night Adult Double occupancy                                 $675.00

6 day (full program) Adult Commuter                                       $475.00

In our registration system you'll find:

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Select "Other Retreats", then select your "2024 Climate Justice Summit" package

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